openmsx debugger layout question

By treblig

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10-08-2023, 00:23

I've a weird issue. By accident, I messed up the layout of the openMSX Debugger. However, I cannot get it back to its default state.

I deleted:
~/Library/Saved Application State/org.openmsx.openmsx-debugger.savedState/*

When I (re)start the debugger, the aforementioned files are created again, but the layout is still the same. Does anyone know where the layout is saved on macOS?

PS: I'm working with the current git-master version.

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By DamnedAngel

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10-08-2023, 01:56

1. From the Menu, show the widgets you want to get back.
2. Whisper a dark prayer to summon the dark devils of windows snapping.
3. Light some black candles around your Mac forging a pentagram. Drag the widgets by their caption and wave them around in the shape of upside-down cross until you can get them to snap and stick back to the master window, hopefully in some arrangement you like.
4. Meditate for a while about how you'll never mess with these evil widgets again, and sacrifice a USB Mouse to the Souls of the Dead MSXs to demonstrate your commitment to it.

By treblig

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10-08-2023, 09:29

Yes exactly. It is that hard. The stack widget won’t go in the position I want it to be. The current layout is a big pixel waste of unused gray parts.

By sd_snatcher

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10-08-2023, 16:07

treblig wrote:

I've a weird issue. By accident, I messed up the layout of the openMSX Debugger.

When this happens to me, I kill the debugger process, so it doesn't save the layout when quitting and I don't have to go through the nightmare of reorganizing its layout ever again.

But since yours has already saved the mess, I can only wish you luck to restore it.

If you happen to find out where it stores its layout configuration, please share the info here so I can backup that damn file.

By Manuel

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10-08-2023, 18:22 documents where settings of Qt based programs are stored per operating system.


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10-08-2023, 23:35

Edit: Please forget... I missed the macOS



I faintly remember I've been fighting with this issue and back then I found this to be best solution for me:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00