OpenMSX debugger: We have high level block commands like "showmem"/"cpu regs". Do raw (not beautified) block commands exist ?

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By ricbit

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31-05-2019, 17:22

It took me a while to understand tcl, but everything clicked when I realized it's just lisp with weirder syntax. I've seen it described at "lisp and bash met in a bar and had a kid".

By friguron

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26-06-2019, 02:03

Hi, I have run a long way with my Poc, specially after starting using openmsx .tcl scripts folder to get many ideas regarding asking for proper info in real time (via socket)...

But for the 2 pieces of info I want to retrieve right now, I'm somehow lost. I can't figure out how to get this info (even getting ideas from the scripts folder contents...)

I'd like to know (if possible), the selected pages for any mapped memory object alive inside an openmsx session. That is:
1.- Inserted megaroms (which of the NN pages is selected for each of the 8/16KB mapped areas). Example using invented .tcl: "debug [carta read current_mapped_page[0]] "
2.- mapped memory: For a mapped memory object, I'd like to get the currently selected 16 KB pages. Again, example using invented .tcl: "debug [memory read current_mapped_page[0]] "

Is it achievable via some debugger command? (couldn't find any, after some investigation)

Thanks in advance.

PS: Here you have some teaser of my Poc (which still I don't know if might somewhat get a "quality usable" status in the near future): (password: openmskiss)

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