openMSX does not start.

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By Manuel

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26-01-2020, 15:19

It's a pity you removed Linux, it's a little easier to debug there.

Can you try whether a recent development build works better?

By ren

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26-01-2020, 20:30


  • have you used the installer, or are you running from the extracted zip;
  • does it launch using Catapult;
  • Catapult 'reset': delete or rename HKCU\Software\openMSX team\Catapult\
  • openMSX 'reset': delete or rename openMSX folder in 'My Documents';
  • issue set in cmd prompt: any sdl_videodriver var there? (see *
  • perhaps some luck if you manually put sdl.dll in the openmsx.exe dir? (not sure if openMSX will (try to) use that instead of statically linked SDL);
  • does running openmsx.exe create the openMSX folder in My Documents?
  • try running openmsx -command "set renderer SDL"

* The SDL2 dev build won't accept directx or windib btw (you should get an error message / warning).

By assembler

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26-01-2020, 22:01


New fresh installation with lubuntu.

Now openMSX works fine, although Wi-Fi doesn't work for me now, but that's another problem. XD

Before your message, ren, I tried to copy sdl.dll and sdl2.dll in openmsx directory in W7 with no luck.

Thanks for your help boys

By Manuel

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26-01-2020, 22:49

openMSX won't look for that DLL anyway. But other ideas from ren are well worth trying.

Which openMSX version do you have in that lubuntu?

By DrWh0

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28-01-2020, 13:45

I had similar problems in the past and I fixed it doing the following:

Deleting openmsx settings folder:

Under Windows (and delete registry keys mentioned by Ren):

%userprofile%\Documents\openmsx (delete whole folder)

Under linux:
~/.openmsx (delete whole folder)

Also I recommend an "apt purge openmsx*" after doing it and "apt install" afterwards DO NOT "apt reinstall" if not works repeat the process also under root user (some distros requires it)

Hope it helps


I already see you have solved but i leave this post as recommendation for the future

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