OpenMSX killed all my files!

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By Accumulator

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16-06-2023, 21:25

Whaaa!!!! OpenMSX killed all my files, work, sources etc!!!
I was working on some routines and copied a file to my home directory, of course not thinking about the 720kb size, switched quickly to the home directory to get the file (Drive A: )... And as result....
All files, recursively in sub-directories, larger than 1kb, truncated to 1kb...... Everything!!!
In Dutch 'G0dv3r (3x), G0dv3rd0mm3'

Is it possible to warn, before truncating????!!!!
Is there a way back??

Or only Testdisk/PhotoRec/DiskMonitor ??

OpenMSX 17.0 / Linux

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By jepmsx

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17-06-2023, 06:32

Oh! I'm really sorry.

I'm also using openmsx in Linux and when I have exceeded the 720Kb all I have seen is that some files weren't there in the MSX site but they were ok in the Linux site. After removing some big files, they appeared in the MSX file system. It is needed to say that I didn't have directories.

By ro

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17-06-2023, 08:10

bummer, big one.

I had my occasional crashes back in the days, with openMSX I'm more carefull and keep back-ups and what not. And, I work on a HD image which I extract files from projects to external locations.

Hope there's a restore point somewhere for you.

By Accumulator

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17-06-2023, 11:08

I am using serveral diskmonitors trying to reconstruct....
Some ASM files missing labels and are shortened, ASCII files are trimmed, it is a complete disaster... Images, PC documents, OpenOffice docs, Excel, etc... all down the drain... Years of work. I am backing up data from time to time, most of times when reinstalling or making major changes to the OS.
The fun is going to my toes... The only MSX data that is still there are the physical tangible floppy disks..
If I am going to use OpenMSX again, it is in a container or VM.. This never again!!!
It is like your world collapsed....

By meits

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17-06-2023, 11:11

I would be surprised if a recoverytool would find anything as they work with fileheaders, which I'm kind of sure MSX files do not have, and if they do (Moonblaster for Moonsound), they're still alien.
Not sure in what environment you are, but Windows might offer a "restore previous version" option on the damaged directory.

By Manuel

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17-06-2023, 12:45

If you can describe in more details how to reproduce this, we can investigate. Just using dir as disk on a large dir with subdirs works fine for us.

By gdx

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17-06-2023, 13:03

I've already had a file destruction problem twice when simulating a disk with a folder, but I can't describe it. I just know it can happen.

By DarkSchneider

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17-06-2023, 14:57

I always use for openMSX a specific folder to copy only the required files inside.

Aside from that, a good backup and CVS structure is a must even not concerning the openMSX.

By Daemos

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17-06-2023, 15:10

This is why I make many backups. At least once a week, today is the day again for backup and reboot. Using two disks and do the backup each week on another disk.

Anyway openmsx did screw up a folder on me once but not as bad as you describe. I am carefull with such tools so sensitive stuff like this us usually in containment using apparmor profiles. Read/write in specific folders read only for the rest.

Sorry for your loss I know how you feel. Happened to me too. We unfortunately learn by pain. Stay strong you will find a way.

By Manuel

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17-06-2023, 15:51

I did the following test with openMSX 18.0 on Linux:

I made a /tmp/manuel and set the HOME variable to it. It contains an old copy of my home folder, 3.4GB. I confirmed that openMSX writes persistent data there, like console history. I set that dir as disk. Lots of warnings about files being truncated and disk being full. I saved a file on it from BASIC. It appeared, as 0 bytes. No host files were affected, it seems.

What is your setting for DirAsDSKmode? I assume it's full, which is the default and which I also used above.

If anyone can find a deterministic scenario on how to get corrupted host files, please let us know so we can investigate.

By Accumulator

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17-06-2023, 18:45

To replicate (be careful what you wish for)..
Just run openmsx-catapult (Linux, ubuntu 22), with a folder as disk A, for example, Dynamic Publisher or DD-graph, wbass2,
Accidentally put a file in your home directory and think ah no problem.
Use the menu button (upper left corner) in the active openmsx window,
Click on Drive A, select home directory (~/), close menu, try to get your file from your application.
As general, even with new 'disk' inserted, it shows the files from previous directory.
So, select from application B: drive and depending on the application it will ask to put a disk in drive B ( I only have 1drive), and press enter.
Select drive A from application again, will ask to put and press.. Now the files appear!
Not sure if it as already truncated, but select your file, DD graph or so, you can view the tragedy..
Everything is kaput! Everything larger than 1kb is truncated. Parts of other files are added to others.. Recursively in every directory!
Incl. user files, config.. You can imagine what is stored in a user directory.

Afterwards it said it is full, wanted to return to basic and it went to reset.

At least I have not had to use Boabab to see where I could remove some data/folders to regain disk space.

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