openMSX network device emulation

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By sdsnatcher73

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28-01-2022, 17:49

maybe you can implement it using MSX-USB BIOS?

By Manuel

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29-01-2022, 00:34

Please also see my post here: and the links to other posts about it. There Wouter is also saying:


I agree having DenyoNet and/or ObsoNet support in openMSX would be very nice. Though I'm afraid I don't have time to work on it myself anytime soon. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I once looked into porting the ObsoNet emulation from blueMSX to openMSX. At first sight porting seemed very straight forward. The biggest problem was the actual sending/receiving of ethernet frames. IIRC blueMSX uses some windows specific library to do this, while in openMSX we prefer to use cross-platform libraries.

Though I'm sure such cross-platform libraries exist. So any volunteers to help?

That's for one thing.

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