OpenMSX ported as a libretro core, is there willingness to do so?

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By Garudian

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22-08-2018, 14:00

Thanks Manuel.

I haven't heard back from aliaspider since my email three weeks ago unfortunately, so he may have missed the email, be on holiday or not be interested or no time etc.

I have now posted on the libretro forums, to at least get it under the attention, as there are some members there maintaining and porting cores. Hopefully someone with both the interest in MSX and familiarity with the libretro side will take this on somewhere down the road. I made no secret of it that you would be willing to help out Smile . Thanks again, I'm hoping somewhere down the line this becomes a reality.

Libretro forums: possibility for an OpenMSX port

By Garudian

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23-08-2018, 10:57

Guys, great news!

TwinAphex responded he is interested in taking the lead for this, once he's done porting a current core. Personally I think this couldn't be better as he's the main driving force behind the whole libretro project and has deep understanding of everything involved from the frontend stuff (Retroarch) to the emulator cores. ( )

Here's his response:


Hi there,

I’d definitely like to see this happen.

We can either go to bounty funding finding a developer for this, or we can wait until I am done porting some of the other cores over right now (Daphne/Supermodel) that I am obligated to release. Once I have those done, I can commit to a new libretro core port.

@Manuel: How would you like to procede, would it make sense that one of you (OpenMSX devs) responds on the libretro forum, such that TwinAphex knows where to find you once he's done working on the Daphne/Supermodel core?

By ren

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23-08-2018, 13:03

Hey, that's cool(!)

Yes, seems Libretro has some advantages / cool features. I like all the efforts they took and are taking to achieve a low as possible latency / input lag (w/ vsync).

I guess one of the most important questions here is how to keep the core up to date w/ upstream, and whether to (periodically) update to the latest pre-release commit, or wait for release.

Personally I think it's not necessary to wait for release, as I never had any issues using the development builds. (They tend *not* to break things.. ;))
Perhaps Ideally 2 versions of the core would be offered: one that reflects release, and the other a recent development state.

Anyway, thanks for putting this in motion Garudian!

By Manuel

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23-08-2018, 21:17

Garudian: I don't think any of us have interest in that forum (but that's just what I expect, no checking done), so I would prefer if you post there how he can contact us. And that is easy, as it's all over our documentation, e.g. lists the best ways to contact us in order of preference.

About how to sync the port with upstream: that's probably one of the first things we'd like to discuss! :)

By Garudian

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24-08-2018, 08:39

Manuel, thanks I'll pass that on.

I know one of the "weaknesses" of libretro is how it handles multislot, and I would like to take the opportunity when replying to twinaphex to show a sample of multislot specific to MSX. If anyone is capable of extending the libretro featureset he is, so it would be an opportunity missed beforehand not not tease him with a great example for MSX Smile

I looked on youtube for examples of moonblaster stereo, such that I can show off the importance of having the ability of two carts connected at the same time.

Would this one be a "prime" example: Four uses of Moonblaster ?

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