OPENMSX + Printer + SymbOS

By edoz

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01-04-2022, 17:07

Hi There!

Maybe someone can help me how to use OpenMSX and Printers?

I created a printer spooler/daemon for SymbOS

Now i can dump this to a file and see what is going out to the printerport

If I select MSX-Printer in openMSX, i have no output. Or how does that work? Are you able to view the print output like you would see on a real printer? On a real MSX and Printer is see the correct output.

Many thanks!

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By Manuel

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01-04-2022, 18:17

Possibly the file only gets written when you unplug the logger from the printer port again. Can you try that?

Msx-printer will output PNG files.

By Manuel

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02-04-2022, 17:50

So, do you expect graphical output or text file output?