OpenMSX, snapshot, remote control

By edoz

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22-10-2018, 13:32

Sorry for not reading the manual but in short. Is is possible to use snapshot technique in OpenMSX?
What i mean by this, would it be possible to save a current state of the machine and revert back to it? And is it possible to talk with openMSX using a API or so? Using Windows platform.

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By turbor

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22-10-2018, 13:49

Yes on both questions.
Now go read the manual on how to use savestates:

And if you use catapult you will know that an external program can talk to the running openMSX process, so go read the code of catapult :)

By edoz

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22-10-2018, 14:43

Thanks for the hints! Good to know..

By wouter_

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22-10-2018, 16:44

Before/instead of reading the catapult source code, you may first want to read the Controlling openMSX from External Applications manual.