Personal share directory wrong in Catapult

By Pedrete

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25-01-2015, 21:45


I have a problem with Catapult. The personal share dir is automatically created by Catapult, but it is in the wrong place. I have 2 hard disks with 4 partitions. My "My Documents" directory is in the disk D:, but Catapult creates the share directory in the last one, the disk F:

I am running the last version of Catapult and OpenMSX (0.11) under Windows 8.

Can I change the personal share dir? How?


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By Manuel

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25-01-2015, 22:12

It's not created by Catapult, but by openMSX itself, based on the user's home directory path.

We use a Windows call to get the "My Documents" home dir using the Windows API call SHGetSpecialFolderPathW(nullptr, bufW, CSIDL_PERSONAL, TRUE). I have no idea why Windows itself gives the 'wrong' answer in your case (which is quite non-default!).

Anyway, the location of the user data dir can be overridden with an environment variable. So, instead of [home dir]/[openMSX dir]/share you can also define a (full) path with setting the environment variable OPENMSX_USER_DATA.

I hope that helps.