Please help testing upcoming openMSX release!

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By S0urceror

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25-07-2020, 10:22

wouter_ wrote:

@S0urceror: What do you think? Feel free to make other suggestions.

Thanks Wouter, I’ll give it a try and report back.

By RibbSayan

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25-07-2020, 15:36

I've a i7-4770 (12 years old) with gtx1660 (2 month old, same issue with gtx770) on windows 10 x64.
I'm using openMsx 0.15.0 (I don't know if it's a development version)
With SDLGL-PP it's smoother. Where is the vsync option ?

By Manuel

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25-07-2020, 23:14

For that you need a recent development build from please try it and tell us about your experiences.

By RibbSayan

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26-07-2020, 15:15

- I'll tried opeenMSX with : renderer sdlgl-pp, scaler 3xsimple, vsync on. Same issue with aleste, a very very little lag on scrolling.
- Other issue, always with aleste, i'm shoting with shift and W keys. I release keys and make a reverse. My ship is firing and I take control with just cursor key. No need to push fire keys, my ship continue to fire.
- At last, a weird issue, not reproductible easily, I'll push right cursor key to move and suddenly, it's stop. I need to release et push.

By pgimeno

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26-07-2020, 18:59

RibbSayan, can you try this? First, open the console with F10; then enter: set kbd_mapping_mode POSITIONAL then press F10 again to close the console, and let us know if that solves any keyboard issues.

As for the scrolling lag, are you emulating an NTSC MSX machine? If not, can you try just in case?

Also, what's the frequency of your video mode? If it's not 60 Hz, using NTSC may not work well.

By RibbSayan

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27-07-2020, 19:37

Yes, Changing machine from Philips NMS 8255 to Panasonic FS-A1GT, the lag disappears.
Set "kbd_mapping_mode POSITIONAL" solve the reverse issue.
Thanks a lot.

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