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By Manuel

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28-10-2018, 20:36

Actually, wasn't this a known issue? seems to be exactly this: the CIEL uses the /WAIT pin of the VDP, but that isn't emulated. The only workaround for now is to disable VDP access timing restrictions.

By sd_snatcher

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28-10-2018, 23:52

Wow! That was more than 5 years ago. I totally forgot that it was already reported.

Well, since the /WAIT isn't being emulated, should't openMSX disable the access timing restrictions for this machine by default? Only until the /WAIT is implemented.

Either that, or rename the machine to WIP_CIEL_Expert-Turbo, since we can't consider the machine is finished the way it its now.

Think of the average user: they'll just boot a "turbo" machine, and it will show corrupted VRAM data. They'll think that either the MSX2+ can't support turbos, or that the real machine also doesn't work properly.

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