Question: OpenMSX - Autofire

By Jeroen Kwakkel

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16-02-2017, 21:02

Is it posible to bind a joystick button with 'repeating' a button press?
I have used joy2key for auto repeating keys strokes, but openmsx won't handle that well.

please help!

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By luppie

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16-02-2017, 21:31

Check the OpenMSX Manual :

Look for the -repeat command

By diederick76

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16-02-2018, 16:35

I realize this thread is already a year old, but it is the first hit at DuckDuckGo.

Anyway. The openMSX manual isn't clear on how to use -repeat to autofire a joystick button. I understand I have to use bind with an event and a command. So, something like

bind "joy1 button1 down" type "hello"

will output hello to my screen. But what would be the command to fire button 1 on joystick 1? I tried typing a space, but that results in "warning: Error executing hot key command: Syntax error" Question

By Manuel

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16-02-2018, 23:54

Do you want to control the joystick fire button or do you want to let it press the space bar?
For the latter, use the keymatrixdown/up command.

For the former, I'm not sure. Is this possible, Wouter?