Recording a video from openMSX: reszing, cropping, aspect ratio, ...

By Overflow

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16-03-2015, 19:03

Hi! this is a follow-up dedicated to Vampier.
IO has been recorded thru openMSX (*).
Then it was converted for HD youtube thru:ffmpeg.exe -i openmsx0001.avi -b:v 1600k -bufsize 1600k -maxrate 2000k -vf "scale=w=960:h=720:sws_flags=neighbor:sws_dither=none,crop=852:720:54:00" -aspect 4:3 output.mp4
I'm wondering: did I miss some of openMSX features when recording?
Mainly: does the emulator allow to crop when recording?
id est: remove unseen borders at right&left, while keeping or changing aspect ratio.
This is not a feature request! ffmpeg is perfect for the job.

(* Actually, IO has been cross-developped thru openMSX;
without your work guys, IO would not have been possible.)

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By Manuel

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16-03-2015, 21:11

Great to hear that last thing Smile We're really happy to read you're enjoying openMSX Smile

Regarding cropping: nope it's not supported. The only thing you can influence is the size. The latest openMSX can record at triplesize, so at 960x720, which will make YouTube use 60 fps.

By Grauw

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16-03-2015, 21:18

What’s the command for that again?

By Manuel

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16-03-2015, 23:24

use -triplesize instead of -doublesize.... (duh ;-))

By anonymous

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17-03-2015, 00:35

There's a triplesize option for recording, too? Awesome, I wish I'd known before. Going to try it out soon. Smile