Transfer files from PC to OpenMSX

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By Vampier

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29-05-2018, 17:38

When I tested ROMS for CBIOS I skipped the intro logo by having an auto booting TCL script that sped openMSX up and brought it back to normal speed once the boot process was done.

By Grauw

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29-05-2018, 19:55

That's what I do as well.

By DarkSchneider

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30-05-2018, 09:02

Grauw wrote:

All of these manual steps are not necessary, you can script all of this with a start-up tcl script and an autoexec.bat. This is how it is for me, using HDD and scripts: edit source files, press ALT-~ hotkey.

Instead AUTOEXEC.BAT, is not better to use openMSX "write to emulator" capabilities?. If you want to modify the compiler command, it is much easier to do in the TCL than the AUTOEXEC.

Also I forgot about that compiling on the MSX needs to have write permission, because it creates the results in the same folder than the sources.

I think instead launching the emulator each time, is better to use the set power off, changes, set power on. But seeing the boot so many times, even at full speed, is annoying for me. As you can set the FDD to full speed mode (instead emulated speed mode), using virtual is even faster, but you have the capability limitation.
Then currently I prefer to deal with this instead getting so many reboots.

The final solution would be virtual HDD, but larger virtual FDD could be fine too because the speed is not a problem.

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