Why not a ".TSX" Format for MSX Tapes???

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By oraculo666

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11-05-2016, 19:51

CAS is just the same info contained in a tape concatenated into one file. Headers and data blocks one after the other. No additional information other than the header locations are padded with zeros to fall on exact multiple of 8 bytes.

SD_statcher: I think I read somewhere that the filters were present to get rid of noise out of the msx recording range. This is the main reason you can't go much higher than 3600 bauds. The actual read speed is calibrated every time the msx reads a header signal to compensate for differences in tape speed.

By manolito74

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30-11-2016, 03:35


Long, long time ago.... a group of MSX users started to talk about the possibility of adopt the ".TZX" format in MSX, what we could name as ".TSX". Due to different reasons the project was forgotten or never started.

Now in the www.zonadepruebas.com Forum we are talking again about this possibility. There is a User that knows a lot about the ".TZX" Format and has a lot of experience managing this format. He has also created a tool in order to converte the ".TZX" Files to ".WAV" Files. The name of tha User in the Forum is "BlackHole".

So @ wouter_: don't worry. This part is solved. He has done a Tool that convert the ".TZX" file to a ".WAV". And the great advantage is that when you compress this Wav file it weights less than the one you can do from the original tape. ;-)

Recently BlackHole has read something about the "Kansas City Standard" and he has considered the possibility of adapt the ".TZX" format at the MSX necessities.

At the moment BlackHole has just done a very little test. He has made a ".TZX" file from the Game "Aufwiedersehen Monty". Due to the fact that there is not a tool to do this automatically BlackHole have done it manually, analizing the File, using an Hexadecimal Editor, using the CasTool Utilities, etc. The great new is that he has been able to obtain the ".TZX" File of that Game and he has converted the ".TZX" File to ".Wav" and it loads perfectly in the "Open MSX" Emulator.

This User, BlackHole, is doing as much as he can but unluckily he is not a MSX expert so he needs the help of the MSX Comunity in order to define the ".TSX" Format, about the differentes ways of protection in MSX Games, etc.

Please if anyone of you are interested in the idea we'll thank you your help a lot. You can visit the Posts/Thread here:


The Forum is in spanish but if someone needs help with the translation, etc could ask me for help.

Another good notice is that the user @Louthrax in our MRC Forum can help us with examples of Wav Files with Games that have different types of protection.

The initial step I think is the most serious and delicated. We have to define correctly the ".TSX" format and we have to analyse and gather as much information as we can and consider all the situations that we can find in our MSX Games/Programs.

Thank you very much indeed. ;-)

By Manuel

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30-11-2016, 13:16

I'm still not sure what the advantage is above 'pure' WAV files (which are cleaned up).

By Tolvatar

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05-02-2017, 15:06

Different wavs from same cassette are all different on CRC.
You can't know if it's a good dump.
2 dumps from 2 cassettes with same CRC ensure correcta dump.
Hope i explain well enough. I'm spanish, sorry for my english

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