Bazix frustrating certain emulation projects

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By HansO

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03-02-2005, 21:30

Being active is about creating new things, isn't it?

Thats a bit limited look at an active community! Only developers are active? Developers need people using their products also: playing, talking about it, meeting each other online or irl, iow having fun with their hobby.
I know many MSX users, maybe not sceners (i hate that word btw as it is often misused by the socalled selfappointed scene kings of the hill), but active persons enjoying MSX. Many dont visit MRC or IRC because their hobby is not chatting online behind a PC Smile. Visit for example the Marienberg club: a very active group of nice people and only a few online.

By J-War

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03-02-2005, 21:40

The one and only thing which should be important now would be to know if bazix will take ppl's feedbacks and opinions in consideration or not.

Basicaly, will it be a " revival " matching (feasable) community's wishes or will it be a " revival " done in a way just 3 guys are thinking it's the right one ?

Since i have the right to give my opinion, here it is :
It's totaly ridiculous and even ludicrous to enforce a translation patch removal the strict and rude way it has been done.
I think it's would be wise to remember there are thing you can tolerate for the benefit of the community as long as they don't realy arm you.
If you decided to make things happening in a straight and strict way then think about how you could compensate the loss otherwise you'll just plain hurt a lot of people as you may have seen it.
Since you turned commercial it's now your duty to " think " and " create " something in an accurate way which will fullfill our needs, be creative, be wise and remember what MSX freaks need ortherwise you'll only bring shame and destruction on something we've built together, something you were a part of !

About rom packs and stuffs there is nothing to say, i just hope it isn't the start of a global rom hunting campain from former community fellows because it would have something to do with decency.

Plz dudes, bring us the revival we need not the one you want !

Bazix members : ppl created this thread to have some clear feedback from you on this matter, i think it would be kind to not ignore it.

My best kisses, as usual.

By Thom

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03-02-2005, 21:43

It's not just development. Organizing fairs, maintaining a website (with decent content, only downloading and installing a phpBB forum is piss-easy IMHO) is also what I'd call 'active'.

However, I do think most of us use MSX as a (good) excuse to socialize, to hark back to the past. Nothing wrong with that, but it's different and not really adding to the community as these moments will decrease in frequency and nothing new will happen. It stays the very same. No progression.

By Algorythms

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03-02-2005, 21:59

How much more work would it really be to have the new releases of old MSX soft working on both PC and MSX? Isn`t the point of the revival to revive the MSX HARDWARE too? Not just the software? I do not want to buy MSX soft for my PC, I want to buy it for my MSX.


By mars2000you

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03-02-2005, 22:03

It's totaly ridiculous and even ludicrous to enforce a translation patch removal the strict and rude way it has been done.

To be clear : it concerns the Aleste English patch. First distributed on a illegal way (complete patched disk image) on the personal site of a MRC/Bazix member, it was converted into an IPS patch (to apply to the rom image) by BiFi that has an IPS patches page on his own site.

Only for this reason, I won't buy the Bazix English Golvellius1/2 and Aleste 2.
I can't accept inconsequence and injustice.

By Grauw

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03-02-2005, 23:04

Two things:

- Although I don’t at all disagree with the actions taken by Bazix / MSX Association / whoever against large illegal distribution sites like the one that started this thread, I do think that more generally speaking Bazix should first earn some credit with the community by showing some substantial positive developments before making demands.

- I wholeheartedly agree with the person saying that the confusion between MRC, Bazix or the Bazix members acting on personal account is partly created because it is usually unclear from what position the Bazix members speak. And, (seemingly, from my POV) changing or clarifying this position afterwards to what is convenient at that time is also not good.

I’ve got nothing in particular against Bazix, but well... I’m not really thrilled either. E.g. W00mb totally doesn’t appeal to me personally, but OTOH I *do* think it is a nice initiative (just not for me), and having a European representative for MSXA is convenient as well. Basically, I am looking at things with a critical eye Smile.

I also don’t dislike the MRC Smile. I’ve been part of it in the past, I have donated a couple of times, and although I regret some of the MRC’s policies I do think the MRC often reports and creates interesting news, and is a valueable gathering place for MSX-minded people (unfortunately, not accessible to all, so some of that value is lost) (that’s the policy I am regretting, yeah ;p).



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03-02-2005, 23:18

yes i do now that funet is finnish and it is an university so what they are doing is good not evil Wink

They are keeping a libary of all msxsoftware including games,applications,demos,hardware info and al to keep msx alive for every one!!



Paladin (1012)

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03-02-2005, 23:57

just an update:

based on true facts:

3/4 or 75% of all running software in the world is illigal Wink
so that means only 25% uses legal software Shocked!

by the way if you create msx software on a win32 platform its ported crap not real aproved as the msx logo tells you.

and dont forget allot of msxérs in the scene are older then 25 Smile

and young people are not intrested in a 8 bit game i guess....

so how do you see a market for such company as Bazix?

are they pointing at people who had an msx????

I see the one chip msx as a more real option thats more like a revival new breed new advanced hardware that sounds more prommising as they presented it i could even try the one chip msx Smile
thats what msx will keep alive longer! MSX was not dead @ all so why do they call it a revival?
msx computers do not life for ever

and about that translation of govelious the little demo was made @ the fair it self using a hex editor Smile

you should say emulators life longer and get more advanced tools......

but again I prefer REAL MSX Thats why i have a real msx no emulator can give me the same gameplay no emulator can beat that.

and for example take a look sunrise:

they are always making new msx hardware Smile
they gave us better sound : the Moonsound(opl4)
they gave us a better videocard :v9990
they gave us a better and quiet storage medium :CF ATA IDE
they gave us a huge 8 slot xpanderTongueablotronic's

So you see sunrise always keeps their promisses

If sunrise did not exist i would not such msxér as i am today......

Sunrise is keeping the msx scen alive with their inventions ofcourse special thanks to henrik gilvard Smile

And offcourse all the others who suport the MSX Standard

like ese artists the true inventors of the one chip MSX

And ofcourse msx club gouda:

Novaxis SCSI interface Smile
4MB Memmory mappers

they changed msx to what MSX is TODAY!!!!!!!

By Samor

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04-02-2005, 00:11

I don't know how well it's doing, but I tought the C64DTV (the joystick with C64 games that plugs right into your tv) was a pretty nice idea (actually, a borrowed idea) and its accuracy is quite amazing compared to similar efforts; btw, the C64 brand is now from Yeahronimo and no longer Tulip, but it seems they intend to continue what Tulip started; I bought my C64DTV from Yeahronimo and not Tulip, not that it makes any difference for the product.
Actually I'd love to see something similar for MSX....
I mean, just think of an arcade-turbo modeled joystick that you plug right into your TV that has Zanac and/or other classics on it. Would be great, IMO....

By chaos

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04-02-2005, 00:20

I'm sure the MSXPLAYer+game packages available in Europe is just the beginning of something bigger. (you've gotta start somewhere eh)
If we let Basix do their jobs, I'm sure we'll see nice things happening! The ppl behind Basix are really MSX-lovers, just like us. They have done great things in the past, and are still working very hard for the sake of MSX!

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