Free BIOS vs. Revival

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By Leo

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17-05-2003, 13:01

What is the difference between a free msx bios and microsofts one ?

If it has the same functions , most of the code will really look like
the same . One could just rewrite the same code ( or large part of it )
without meaning to copy the micro$oft one .

Wouldn't it be better to write an improved msx-bios expansion
that add functionality and then agree on kind of royalty free cross
use of the two.
It would be a usefull way to spent time programming a bios.

Or just write bios loader , that calls diskrom routines to load bios
in ram from a file (which could be an illegal copy of microsoft bios
, but since microsoft is not entering to your home, to verify if you
really own an original msx with original copy of bios, new msxs using
this bios loader could then legally been sold and easilly used).


By snout

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17-05-2003, 13:18

There are a few problems with this

1) 100% backwards compatiblilty - how could it be established?
2) MSX Association can not use it

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