Give the One Chip MSX a new name challenge [suggestions]

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Paladin (1012)

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13-07-2005, 20:18

AMSXI Artificial MSX Intelligence because its a artificial msx machine and its intelligent enough to play MSX.

By zett

Hero (608)

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13-07-2005, 21:26


By Jagasian

Supporter (14)

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14-07-2005, 01:32

Name: MorphSX
Reason: Capitalization preserves the original "MSX" name, and it is pronounced "môrf-Ä­s-Ä•ks", as a good name looks cool, but a great name must also sound cool. (Hopefully the fonts work out OK for the pronunciations once I submit.) Finally, the name signifies the fact that the system is an MSX compatible system that can morph into other systems such as the C64, NES, etc.

By timofonic

Rookie (31)

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14-07-2005, 02:45

NesWorld FPGA article

Please read it (need to register), adding NES support will add a lot wider user base, a lot more money benefits, less manufacturing costs and more features in the same product.

So, maybe a non-msx name could be better... retromorph, retro-reconf, retromutant, retrotransformer? Meaning of a hardware that can morph on a lot of different retro hardware. Very probably, providing with a bigger logic FPGA chip can also provide simulation of a lot more devices...

By PDP-13

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14-07-2005, 02:57


too long?

a rose, by any other name...


Msx Emulator eXtensible

By ro

Scribe (4747)

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14-07-2005, 07:44

but, correct me if I'm wrong, tsunamis aren't caused by cyclones but by some kind of (submarine) earthquake.They also tend to happen when ro's mother jumps into the sea... Wink
Then we'll 'ave to toss the whole darn coffin in the sea cuz she died already, t00b.
I also heard your mother sucks dick so hard her nickname is "the belgian cyclone", or atleast thaz what I read on the average pronsite.

oops, sorry Tanni we're getting of track here. hai toooobz!


Paladin (1012)

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14-07-2005, 11:56

lets keep it nice will ya i've lost my my mom on cancer in 1995 she had a brain tumor......
So think abouth that before you think to make a joke about mom's.
Sorry to hear that RO..........

By Oscar

Guardian (582)

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14-07-2005, 12:26

Name: MSX GT
Reason: Cool ... you know there are MSX cars from Mitsubishi Big smile

By Oscar

Guardian (582)

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14-07-2005, 12:28

Reason: Similar to MSX Terra concept.

By Oscar

Guardian (582)

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14-07-2005, 12:29

Name: MSX Dream
Reason: It is like a dream to have a new MSX now.

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