Has anyone ordered a 1 chip MSX ?

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By [D-Tail]

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19-08-2005, 16:48

Latok has the ability to read my thoughts. So... freaky Tongue

By Tanni

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19-08-2005, 17:07

I think the concept is brilliant. They give a programmable FPGA device to the community and they are just going to see what the community will come up with.
About 22 years ago, they gave programmable devices (MSX computers) to the world and everybody interested could see what the users (now known as the MSX community) came up with. The concept is brilliant, yes, but it is the only one to go if you want to ''dehibernate'' a classical homecomputer system. Resuming the production with ''classical'' parts would be too expensive, because nowaday there's far less demand for classical homecomputers. So you must use FPGA and you get reconfigurability for free! You then can add some new future related reasons for buying, too: Learnig something about reconfigurable hardware!

The only fear I have is that there are not enough VHDL coders to make it happen. IF it succeeds though, it will be the first computersystem which really derives from the combined forces of users. That's just awesome.
There's no reason for that fear. If one mastered coding software, than it isn't so hard to learn VHDL! Note, as the homecomputer era started, who did know about programming? We -- at least some of us -- did buy such a computer and did learn to code in BASIC, MC, etc. I wonder if Clive Sinclair at that time asked himself if there will be enough Sinclair-BASIC coders out there?

Posted: August 05 2005, 12:16, in ''Give the One Chip MSX a new name challenge [suggestions]'':

As MSX started, investigations of the possibility of software wasn't finished, but it still is in progress today! With the OCM, we're starting to investigate the possibilities of FPGAs for system design!
Posted: June 21 2005, 18:46, in ''A dream or a hype'':

@Poke; FPGA development is indeed not something for the kids. But there actually is a large group of FPGA fanatics out there. I think new FPGA hardware with capabilities like the OCM will interest them... So a search on Google for FPGA developers or something.

About 25 years ago, most people -- if asked -- would have said, that programming isn't something for children. (You at least need 10 semesters of studying mathmatics!) But facts have prooven them wrong! Even children (and people who just were a little older) were interested in computers like ZX81, Commodore, MSX etc. and learnt to code. The learning process was very fast. These children impressed the adults with their programming skills. (The famous american computer scientist Josef Weizenbaum stated in one of his books, why this is quite normal: Children have more time to learn about it than adults, who must go to work.)

Hardware design is a little more difficult than just coding software. But using FPGA as target architecture makes it a little easier. So, if a child is interested in hardware design, why not using an FPGA to learn about. I think that's what Mr. Nishi want! Time goes on. Now it's hardware design with FPGA. Soon, it'll be system design with platform FPGA. And MSX is involved in that development. We, as MSX enthousiasts, should be very glad about that our system is part of that development. Thank's Mr. Nishi!

By Tanni

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19-08-2005, 17:53

Posted: July 21 2005, 12:51, in ''Reissue of classical MSX-computers'':

FPGA is a design style best suited for smaller projects, because the FPGA isn't dedicated to a special purpose. They can be produced in huge amounts and configurated in the application field, here as MSX1 system. (That's why they are called field programmable gate arrays, hence FPGA.) That's most likely why they've choosen it. Implementing the OCM in e.g. standard cells would require a very high amount of pieces and thus a very high demand to be not too expensive.

By Haohmaru

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20-08-2005, 16:01

o_O I just preordered one O_o

I couldn't resist - my curiousity took over all the negative vibes I've been getting about this thing and rehashed them into an endless stream of 'you want buy it and you know it' Wink

By chaos

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20-08-2005, 16:20

I preordered it some time ago.. when it was announced that msx2 will be supported.

By oCe

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20-08-2005, 21:08

Screw it. I'm too damn curious for my own good, just pre-ordered one. Kinda at the last moment though.

That'll be the 2nd time I'll be buying an MSX again, after I've decided I wouldn't do that anymore... what a system Wink

Hopefully MSX-2 compatibility will be available soon aswell, including good overal MSX-compatibility. (hopefully 100% MSX, atleast better then emulators) We'll see!

By wolf_

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20-08-2005, 23:06

oops, the cat ran over the keyboard while browsing the Bazix website.. the stupid animal incidentally hit all the buttons to order one .. o_O

By zett

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20-08-2005, 23:18

Still I think It's a wrong start.but better somthing than nothing.Wink

By Latok

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20-08-2005, 23:46

Well.......15 minutes until the Bazix pre order closes Smile

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