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By del/f/s/q

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17-12-2009, 08:52

Hi, i've been getting into some msx games lately via emulator, and after playing some i'd like to know more about msx.

here's my questions

1) what are some must play games? so far i've only played the metal gear series and castlevania

2) emulators are nice, but i'd like to play the games on a real msx, the thing is though the games are really expensive. Is there anyway i can use rom and dsk images on an actual msx computer?

3)the 1chipmsx looks really cool but it seems that these are discontinued? Can anyone elaborate more on that?

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By FiXato

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17-12-2009, 10:00

1: Must-play games?

and of course the MSXDev games ;)

2: Using Rom and Disk images on the real deal?
For ROM images there are software tools like TNI's RomLoad and Ramones' ODO. For some of the bigger ROMs you might need more RAM and/or a Mega(Flash)ROM cartridge. For more info about .ROM files, check MSX F.A.Q. on .ROM files
For DSK images you can either extract a DSK file to a floppydisk (make sure it is formatted as DD and not HD!) using tools like PUTDISK or FdLoad, or run it directly using tools such as Runit. For more information about this, check The MSX F.A.Q. on .DSK files

3: The onechipmsx/ocm/1cm/ese3
As far as I know only a limited batch was produced in Japan and there are no solid plans for a new batch. This batch has been sold completely probably, so now you rely on resellers such as RKlok. I could be wrong though ;p
Some people have 'cloned' the OCM though.

By LeandroCorreia

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17-12-2009, 17:07

Must-play games:

Puzzle: Eggerland Mystery, Skooter, Rotors, Champion Boulderdash, Doki Doki Penguin Land, Gulkave, Bokosuka Wars, The Castle, The Castle Excellent, King´s Valley 1 and 2, Perfect Fit, Traffic Jam

Shmup: Zanac, Anaza Kaleidoscope Special, Super Laydock, Gradius series, Knightmare, Pippols, Alpharoid, Guardic, Gulkave, Hype, Ninja Princess, Sky Jaguar, Star Soldier, Zoom 909, Afteroids, Zaider Battle of Peguss

Action: Thexder, Bouken Roman, The Goonies, Comic Bakery, Magical Kid Wiz, Magical Tree, Mokarimakka, Ninja Jajamarukun, Ninja Majyo no Bouken, Q-Bert, Spelunker, Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Shima, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2, Youkai Yashiki, Circus Charlie, Come On Picot, Laptick 2, Majikazo, La Corona Encantada, Hundra, Sofia, Warroid, Yab Yum (porn game), Caos Begins

Racing: Wec Le Mans, Coaster Race, F1 Spirit, Road Fighter, Antarctic Adventure, GP World, TZR Grand Prix Rider,

RPG and arcade adventures: Deep Dungeon (the one from MSXDev), Golvellius, Rambo, Stone of Wisdom,

Sports: Konami´s Ping Pong, Penguinkun wars, Playball

Other: Roller Ball (pinball), Bank Panic (action and quick thinking), Theseus (Maze Game), Mad Mix (Pac-man like), Rock´n Roller (excellent improvement over Rally-X)

Also, MSX has some cool versions of old arcade games, however IMHO it´s better to play the originals in MAME, and an extra tip: 99% of Konami games are excellent. Wink

By Moniz

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17-12-2009, 18:45

RPG and arcade adventures: Deep Dungeon (the one from MSXDev), Golvellius, Rambo, Stone of Wisdom,

That a nice and complete "must play" list there! but I'm missing SD-Snatcher and Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes.

By lionelritchie

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17-12-2009, 18:59

theres only one must play in msx.
in the immortal words from samuel l jackson:
penguim {beep}ing adventure, mother{beep}er.

By LeandroCorreia

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18-12-2009, 16:30

Oops! And in shmups, I also forgot Parodius, Aleste 2 and Gall Force. Wink

By LeandroCorreia

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18-12-2009, 20:44

By ashame

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28-12-2009, 11:11

The Treasure of Usas Hannibal

By Yukio

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11-05-2010, 22:38

It is nice that you want to be legal and play original games. In the mean time it is possible to play some *FREEWARE* games for the MSX system.

MARS II is very nice!

About MSXDEV there are some interesting titles like:
DANGER TOWER and the aforementioned Deep Dungeon.

By JohnHassink

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11-05-2010, 23:36

If you especially looked for the MSX-version of Castlevania, you probably like platform games. Wink
Action platformers totally worth a mention (click the game names for more info):

* Mon Mon Monster
fun little platformer with obvious Castlevania influences

* Psycho World
interesting high speed running and jumping with Mega Man/Super Wonder Boy-like elements (in having to use different weaponry and upgrading it)

* Fantasm Soldier Valis II
harder than average but eye-candy platformer with cool cutscenes and IMO easily one of the best MSX soundtracks

* Fire Hawk - Thexder The Second Contact
everything about this game is totally awesome but the best part is probably the innovative gameplay

* The Treasure of UÅŸas
this one has already been mentioned but I just have to emphasize it :)

* Akin
a quite short game, but with good gameplay and a pretty unique dark atmosphere and storyline

* Mr. Ninja - Ashura's Chapter
it has drawbacks as well as improvements compared to the NES version

...and in the MSX1 departement, don't miss:

* The Maze of Galious
absolute classic which obviously inspired later generations of platformers

* Astro Marine Corps
being a game by pioneering Spanish software developer Dinamic, this MSX version is not too shabby at all

* Choroq's just a lot of fun :D

That's what I got for now on (pure) platformers. Seeing as the impressive action RPG Wanderers from Ys was already mentioned.

Some sideview, non-platformer games which are good to mention because of high quality:

* Mr. Ghost

* Youma Kourin

And yes, the MSXdev games are totally worth the effort!
And... free to download on top of that.

At last, an MSX-unique Konami classic which should not be left out:
SD Snatcher
Don't worry, there's an English translation.
(also has been mentioned already but too important to forget ;))

By JohnHassink

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12-05-2010, 00:14

Ah, just one more:

Sa-Zi-Ri many games do you know where you have to scream your enemies to death? :)