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By erikmaas

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24-08-2005, 14:09

The spartan does not have a PLL, but it has a DLL which you could see as some kind of a PLL. You can do simple things with them like changing the phase of a clock, doubling the clock, dividing the clock. The Altera devices have the same kind of clock blocks inside.
The VHDL from the ESE website is a bit outdated I think, the sources were there a few years ago already. The VDP is not V9938 compatible yet. A Z80 can be found at www.opencores.org.

I did not have anything to do with P.T.C. I was with MSX NBNO, have written just a few articles there for XSW-Magazine. Before that I have done something with Sunrise, also a few articles there. And did some programming like "Erix", a terminal program. Oh yes, I did also do schematics and the layout for the first version of the RS232C from Sunrise. I was not really active on MSX the last few years, but this OCM could change that ofcourse ;-)
That is, IF this OCM will be sold.

By legacy

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24-08-2005, 14:35

@Erik, oh than i was totally wrong.
And I hope to see you more often in the future on MRC, even if the OCM project would flop.

By Leo

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24-08-2005, 14:41

i already visited this page of opencores but I did not noticed this T80 core , I was looking for z80
only ...
It seems small and fast 35Mhz on spartan2 and 10k , so it would fit in a spartan with 50k gates.
I wonder why the z80 in the OCM is told to get 4k LEs , with a 75 ratio this makes 300k gates...30x bigger ?

By snout

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24-08-2005, 16:43

The Z80 core in the OCM is indeed not optimized for size, it still has to be done. A core that is even quite a lot smaller than the T80 core is in development tho Wink

By Latok

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24-08-2005, 16:58

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, and what's the point of that forumposting, Latok?

By Latok

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24-08-2005, 16:58


By SolidEric

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24-08-2005, 17:50

what's next latok???Now you make me curiousTongue And welcome Erik to the forum!

By [D-Tail]

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24-08-2005, 18:08



NEXT without FOR

By SolidEric

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24-08-2005, 18:42


By Unicorn

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24-08-2005, 19:59

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