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05-06-2007, 12:10

Who said the the videos need huge amount of storage ?
Two videos for msx1

Two videos for msx2 (actually the same video re-encoded for msx2)

Please look at the size of the files....
note that the frames are stored UNCOMPRESSED!!
(as each frame is only 768 bytes...)

By SLotman

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05-06-2007, 13:11

Yeah, they're rather small, but dont have nearly the same quality as screen12 movies Wink

On the plus side, the videos can be full-screen... but they already have any sound? I was following that thread very close, but didnt see sound being added, or a video converter... did I miss it??

I always thought that even a full screen 5 video could be done (with palette changes per frame) - or at least almost fullscreen (something like widescreen mode)

but I imagine if EVAPlayer on turbo-R would be able to increase video size a bit when using R800 DRAM mode... but I dont understand it's source enough to try such thing yet Tongue


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05-06-2007, 14:37

well, you ask too much for the current stage of development.
I go in order

1) incredibly to say, the same VQ technique safely works in screen5, in screen 8 or in screen 12.
It's easy to explain why. The VQ approximates all the frames using the tiles from a codebook
appositely optimized.
In bitmap modes, once you have defined the tiles, it is only matter of coping them in the correct
Assuming 8x8 tiles and 3 codebooks of 256 elements (like in character modes),
you need 3x256 tiles (i.e. 3x256x64 pixels) in an hidden page and one page to display them in the
right order (2 pages to do double buffering).
Also in this case each frame, encoded, costs only 768 bytes
look at : http://ragozini.googlepages.com/vdpenc2
and you'll see that the full color tile sets are there, ready to be used in screen 5/8/12.

The sole problem I see in screen 8/12 is that without double buffer, the VDP could take
too much time to build the screen, and this could result in some annoying flickering.

2) sound is easy to do, as the z80 is very idle. What I would like to do is integrate PCMENC and VDPENC,
but this is a very hard task, as the PCM replayer is very CPU intensive...

3) the video converter exists, but it is in matlab, (the sequences you see are from it)
I'm porting it (very slowly) in C to be executed by anyone on its PC.

By Nautilus

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05-06-2007, 14:38

Who said the the videos need huge amount of storage ?

Screen 4 is not good for videos. "Good" quality videos do require better screen modes.

By jltursan

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05-06-2007, 15:38

Maybe not enough to watch movies; but good enough for sure to achieve great demo/game effects, have you seen the whole "Wings" demo? Smile

By SLotman

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06-06-2007, 00:03

Or even the Dragonslair demo Wink

By pitpan

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06-06-2007, 08:02

If the frame rate is high enough, even SCREEN 2 performs great!

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