First ever MSX game?

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By dvik

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16-10-2007, 19:33

I think that volleyball game sets a good minimum standard for MSX games.... anyone can do something better Smile

By CrazyBoss

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22-10-2007, 20:07

I remember "Eric and the floaters" also very old.
The game actually was the beginning of Dyna Blaster and Bomber Man Big smile

By Manuel

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22-10-2007, 21:20

Eric and the Floaters is just a European versoin of the original Japanese Bomberman game, which looks identical. See Generation MSX.

By warmize

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02-05-2020, 20:20

Hi guys from 2007! This is Warmize from 2020! Did you have a nice timetravel? LOL

I was doing some archaeology in the MSX history throgought the Internet looking for the first MSX games and I found this thread.

It looks that Saurus Land and Night Flight are ports from Tomy Pyuta computer developed in 1982. Also, in many places I found that these games were sold in 1984 for the MSX!

I leave a few rerefences here:

In MSX Magazine #0 this game is not commented. I guess it should be one of the listed here as the first MSX computer was sold on Oct 21st and MSX Magazine appeared on Oct 6th:

I would like to know which is the source of Star Blazer being one of the first games?
About Star Blazer, I found it is originally from Apple II in 1981.

In this page it says that it's the first MSX game released...

But here appears 1985 as the publishing year:

I don't think the search has ended.

Do you have any news?


By FiXato

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02-05-2020, 22:28

By tfh

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02-05-2020, 22:45

WoW.. Smooth scroll in an MSX game in '82/'83...

By Manuel

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03-05-2020, 00:14

I don't think the MSX version was made in 1982/83, though. The manual for the MSX version was made in 1984 at least.

By warmize

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22-09-2020, 17:36

ROM and MSX-BASIC was developed (or finished) during the 1983 summer so it is impossible: no game could be made.

By warmize

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17-10-2020, 09:33

I have some news about the "very first game" of MSX...sadly not only one but many.
If you read the MSX Magazine of novembre 1983 there are plenty photos of the Japan Electronics Show 83.

You can see some MSX games like Pyramid Warp or Dragon Attack (and many others).
Those games at that pictures are the oldest games I have found on my investigations.

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