Game of which I don't know the name

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By pitpan

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03-08-2009, 14:50

msxplayer said that he used to play that game back in the 80s. Bozo's Big Adventure should be discarded because it was published in 1992.

But if we're talking about ladders, what about the following:
Spooks and ladders (Kuma, 1985)
Ladder building (ASCII, 1984)
- mmm, don't think so.

By FiXato

Scribe (1532)

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03-08-2009, 15:04

Though the 'selecting a building' indeed is starting to make me think more of
Treasures of UÅŸas (1987)

By cax

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03-08-2009, 17:11

msxplayer, after more than 10 posts and screenshots you should say something.
It's just not fare to ask a not very clear question and not even try to clarify things.

By msxplayer

Supporter (7)

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03-08-2009, 19:21

Many thanks for the info, though it does not seem that the game is among those suggested by you.
There was something with a criminal and a police.
When I am right, you had to control the criminal and were being followed by the police.
The items included a spanner.
The background was probably not black, but I quite unsure about what color and whether it changed per level or not. Whether there was step-wise or screen-to-screen scrolling or horizontal or vertical scrolling, I have completely forgotten.
How the guy looked, unfortunately I really don't know anymore.
Besides I must add that I now think that I played the game in the early 1990's, but from the graphics I am rather sure that it's an 80's game.
At last I must say that I am not 100% sure that it was an MSX game.

Once again: many thanks for your efforts!

By Randam

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03-08-2009, 19:50

Perhaps you are thinking about Goody?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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03-08-2009, 20:02

Hmmm... 80's game, simple background, ladders, buildings, thief and police... maybe blagger?

By PingPong

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03-08-2009, 20:06


By MäSäXi

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03-08-2009, 20:32

msxplayer, now I know what you mean!! Big smile

Les Flics, by P.S.S.

Click "Screenshots (2)" there and you´ll see rest of screenshots. :)

There you drive your black getaway car (other blue ones are police squad cars) and you can enter various buildings and go into sewers too! :) And your goal is big precious diamond! :D If you get caught, you hear police siren and CAPS LOCK light flashes like emergency flashers of the police car. :) That looked really neat in 1987!! :D

By the way, it´s good to know, that there exists TWO versions of this same game on MSX! One is this on generation-msx, Pink Panther is the "hero" burglar, and another one is exactly the same, but Pink Panther is replaced by black monochrome human burglar who wears a mask and has big sack for stolen goods. :)

Despite that difference, bot games are exactly the same! :)

By pitpan

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03-08-2009, 21:00

My last trial:

Keystone Kapers - Activision 1984

There's a thief, a policeman, scalators and lifters and you pick up objets aswell.

Mappy - Namcot 1984

No ladders but trampolines instead! And the policeman is a cat and you, of course, a charming mouse ;)

By MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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04-08-2009, 08:13

Pitpan, you really should have eyeglasses!! Tongue

Cats are supposed to be GANGSTERS and that blue mouse is that policeman alone arresting whole cat gang! Wink

You thought it would be nice to change history by telling the truth different way..? Tongue

Pitpan, I really hope you don´t meet those cat "policemen" at dark alley at night-time.. Tongue Wink

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