Games in screen8 , 256 colors

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By Leo

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25-07-2009, 10:58

Hi all,

I am looking for games in screen8 really using the 256 colors , just to see what is possible or what has been done. I am coding a horizontal shootemup in screen8 and i d like to see how it compares for the moment with other productions.

Of course i know the limitations :
only two pages
slower vram copy
fixed colors for sprite
no palette effects
bigger need in memory for graphic tiles

and advantages:
256 colors
256 colors
256 colors
and ... nice effects with logical vram copy

Of course intro screen does not count and starship stage michelle is not really really ....
...helpful for my benchmark lets say...

imho, screen is really were the msx2 is at his top!

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By wolf_

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25-07-2009, 11:26



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25-07-2009, 11:50


By Arjan

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25-07-2009, 11:51


By GhostwriterP

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25-07-2009, 12:46


By Leo

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25-07-2009, 13:02

i like shift very entertaining , was not sure it was sc8
on youtube goody looks more like sc2
are u sure ikari from snk 1987 is screen 8 ?? not that colorfull though (i looked only snapshots)

By jltursan

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25-07-2009, 13:10

Hey, I'm also toying too with SC8 and a vertical shooter! Big smile

How are you going to manage a horizontal scroll in SC8?, without doing any maths seems impossible to move so much data (at least using the well-known SC5 algorythm).

Also, the sprite palette is, erm, nasty?. Well at least seems that with some imagination something good could be achieved...

By Hrothgar

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25-07-2009, 13:30

I'm not sure why Goody is in the list, this is an MSX1 game.

I guess it's hard to have a horizontal scroll using two pages, and with one page it will probably be slow and look funny. I'm very interested to see the idea here, I can't really see it working for a fast action game.

By jltursan

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25-07-2009, 13:38

There's a MSX2 version of Goody, it's indeed a SC8 game.

Ikari Warriors is also SC8; but the scroll is a bit jerky. It lacks even a screensplit to show a score board Tongue

I've never seen Shift; but Leprechaun (also unknown for me) looks fab!. How managed the programmer to do such tile effects without tiles or palette?. I'm talking about the "diamonds" animation, for example.

By Leo

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25-07-2009, 14:03

with set adjust you can shift screen 1 px by 1px.
the scrolling is divided in 8 steps , during each step i "set adjust"
one more pixel toward the direction i want and i also copy on
the alternate page a stripe of 32px per 191 pixels. after 8 steps
of that pipe i have scrolled the whole screen.

i work in 256x 191 just in order to have some room for the tiles:
on the 2 pages i can have 2 rows of 32 tiles of 8x8 pix between line
191 an 211 , on page 0 and page 1, which makes 2x2x32 = 128 tiles

the well known problem with that is that "the border moves".
But i have tried some trick in basic to avoid that , and now i am coding
it in asm for rom game but it is more "buggy" for the moment .

sprite color are well chosen, they are a bit like the screen 8 ,
the 4 bits are more or less like : y g r b , so
0001 is dark blue
1001 light blue
1010 light red
0111 grey
1111 white

only exception is 1000 which a kind of orange/skin tone ( may help)

By Hrothgar

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25-07-2009, 14:15

I would have thought the remaining space is too limited for a full tileset and sprites but apparently you managed. BTW isn't there some additional room left in VRAM right now?

Leprechaun: it indeed looks great, but these tile effects are not at 50 fps. So it all seems reasonable when taking MSX's block copy limits into account.

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