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By wolf_

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05-10-2005, 01:13

it's more suitable for some GUI like Ease ... hi-res, but still the 'fast' updates you'd expect from such an enviroment..

By Sonic_aka_T

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05-10-2005, 02:25

SC7 is fine for a GUI, if you know how to program that is... And the prob with SC8 for games is not so much the double-buffering as it is those darn sprite colors... Of course having half the command speed doesn't help, but it's not always the biggest limiting factor, usually those darn sprites are...

By AuroraMSX

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05-10-2005, 09:08

eehhhh!! I not knows how is the calendary in the rest of the world

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so, what is that news on 31/09/2005 at the right Wink?

Heh, I don't know the calendar of Argentinia, but in most parts of the world the 9th month of the year is September, not November LOL!

By Patsie

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05-10-2005, 11:06

eehhhh!! I not knows how is the calendary in the rest of the world
but atleast in Argentinia November is only up to 30 days!!!!....
so, what is that news on 31/09/2005 at the right Wink?

Heh, I don't know the calendar of Argentinia, but in most parts of the world the 9th month of the year is September, not November LOL!

Still, even September has 30 days (not 31) Tongue

By ro

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05-10-2005, 17:38

by wolf:
[edit] seriously: is sc6 as fast as sc5 ?

Yup, remember. it's 4 pixels in 1 byte so when using a resolution twice as high as sc5 it will be twice as slow but b'coz of the 4 pixels (instead of 2) it will increase again. blablablankevla. get it.
it's fast alright.

about XAK in sc7. the scrolling ain't half bad @ all. Granted, xak2 and others I could mention have a better flow but all and all XAK has a great gameplay. I don't mind the shimmery scroll routine at all

sc4 is also very fast (text mode) but limited colours and what not. ask maggoo for his experience on that.

I'd go for sc5, no doubt.

By Fudeba

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06-10-2005, 00:24

It's a patch, not a remake... so please, calm down.
It was a decision from day one to not change *anything* in the game mechanics. I could have modified a lot of things, but I choose to *not* do it: it's a reverence to the original game, not a new one.
Also, I decided a long time ago that you can select which modifications you want on the game. You are not obligated to use new colors to play the game with smooth scroll. You do not need to hear new musics if you do not want to. I made it this way because I was sure that some people would think like Pitpan. Of course I do not agree... and even Pitpan will not agree with himself when he start to play the game in an MSX2 and - surprise! - the sprites are not flickering any more.
I agree Knightmare is a masterpiece for MSX1... the game even use every bit of MSX1 "horse power" to be what it is. This fact was even an headache, because I had to do some magics so the game could use sprites in mode 2 and run in normal speed even at 3.57Mhz.
But the fact the game is a MSX1 masterpiece doesn't mean that it cannot be improved. Even Konami had made some "dual games" (like Nemesis 3 Episode 2) which are really improved when played on MSX2 machines. Konami even made two versions of King's Valley II, which is screen 2 on MSX1 and Screen 5 on MSX2... And I have no doubt Episode II and King's Valley II for MSX1 are both masterpieces for MSX1.
For those that really can't read Portuguese, lets translate the features added on Knightmare Gold:

# No more sprite flickering (need MSX2)
# Smooth Scroll (need at least an MSX2 with 7MHz machine)
# Some stage bosses (Death and Elder) entirely colored, using mode 2 sprites (need MSX2)
# Dynamic pallete, each stage has its own, so it could look beter... (need MSX2)
# ...or you can use static "Cool Colors" by Fábio Ricardo Schmidlin. (need MSX2)
# New Konami logo (MSX2 style, colored like SNES one), in screen 5 (need MSX2)
# New animated opening screen, in screen 5 (need MSX2)
# CD Quality game musics (sequenced by Pablo V.B. Villalba, need Sunrise IDE + CDROM)
# Option to each stage has its own music (in development, with musics made by Pablo, based on Konami classics. Need Sunrise IDE + CDROM)
# Option to not restart the music being played at each power up - continuous music - when running from CD (need Sunrise IDE + CDROM)
# 3 Options of Scoreboard: the original, and two options of extended score board, including speed information and time counters (needed for smooth scroll). (work on any MSX)
# Knightmare Gold *runs on EVERY MSX machine, from MSX 1.0 to MSX Turbo R. The more powerful your machine, more options you have to improve the game.
# Runs on *any* MSX-DOS version, from 1.0 to 2.4, in any media (Disk, flash card, CDROM, HardDisk)
# Require small amount of RAM (64KB for MSX-DOS1, 128KB for MSX-DOS2), and require only 64KB of VRAM in MSX2 mode.
# Graphical Menu Loader, to select game options (need MSX2)
# You can run the game in MSX1 mode, even on an MSX2 (and this includes sprite flickering) or run on MSX2 mode, where all options are available. This MSX2 mode includes 3 sprite color palletes: Original (equal to MSX1 colors, BUT no flickering), Enhanced (MSX1 colors, with shades) or Gold (new selected colors).
# Minimum requirements for MSX1 are: 64Kbytes RAM, 16KBytes VRAM and MSX-DOS 1.x.
# Minimum requirements for MSX2 are: 64Kbytes RAM, 64KBytes VRAM and MSX-DOS 1.x.
# Recomended equipment: MSX2 with 7MHz or more, 128Kbytes of RAM, 128KBytes of VRAM, MSX-DOS 2.x and Sunrise IDE + CD-ROM.

Also, I am creating a new vesion of the manual and a new box. Original manual and box are a shame for a masterpiece like Knightmare. They'll be available for download soon (in english too), so you will be able to print them. In Brazil we made a group to produce a limited batch of printed manuals (in portuguese) and CDs, which will come in an DVD box.
I really thank those interested in the project and hope you like the final product, when released. I'll do my best to add CDROM support for other controlers but since it has to be made through direct access (and even this way sometimes it is too slow) I have to add support "one by one", so I really don't know if I will have enough time.
Finally, for those that think the project is not worth the (huge) effort... Well, thank God I am loosing *my* time, not yours. You'll always be able to play the original cartridge, if you like.
I think it is worth the effort. And I am really happy with the result... even more after I was able to trick the game and add smooth scroll to it. LOL!

My kindest regards,
Daniel Caetano
Amusement Factory

PS: I believe the english page is already being prepared. Smile
PS2: No, it's now me doing it, since my english is simply not good enough. It has to be perfect. Smile

By BiFi

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06-10-2005, 07:13

and all those in just 32 KB of ROM, or is it extended for these features?

anyway, it seems a bit strange to me to require 7 MHz for the smooth scrolling. It's nothing more than an R#23 adjust and 1 printing a new line. The original game didn't even have this feature yet and simply reprints the entire screen to scroll it... which to me takes more time than an R#23 adjust and 1 line printing...

By pitpan

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06-10-2005, 15:52

Does R#23 work on SCREEN 4? (dumb question probably, but I am a TMS9918 guy).

By Mirg

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06-10-2005, 16:09

If I remember correctly, the only modes R#23 doesn't work on are the text modes.

By wolf_

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06-10-2005, 16:10

Space Manbow (sc4) proves that you can scroll vert/horz.

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