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By wouter_

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11-04-2013, 15:52

PingPong wrote:

the original model, was less accurate, but in this model the VDP was faster. Instead the real model means a slower vdp, so the emulation accuracy is improved, but the vdp speed no..... :-(

Actually that's not completely true. The old model was tuned to have the same 'average' speed as the real VDP. So sometimes it would execute (slightly) too fast and sometimes (slightly) too slow. The new model should (as far as we know) always run at the correct speed.

Many emulators (including openMSX) offer an option to run VDP commands at an infinite speed (meaning that no MSX time passes while executing the command). But apart from a debugging tool I don't see much use for this option (e.g. it could be used to check whether the VDP command execution speed is a bottleneck in the code).

By flok

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18-08-2014, 20:23

Regarding Meits little test-program: the real msx returns 254, my emulator returns 166 :-)

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