Look ma, no shield!

By Sonic_aka_T

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02-08-2009, 21:39

Impressive! Never got past level 3 iirc, and that's with the shield! Tongue

By Hrothgar

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02-08-2009, 21:53

Indeed, I believe level 4 was my record so this is quite impressive.

On rewatching this game the quality of what it achieves on MSX1 with pattern sprites is interesting by the way.

By karloch

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02-08-2009, 22:42

Awesome! I'm the same as Sonic, I never got past level 3 even using shield; after a while the damned missiles were after me I was smashed down.

Your videos remember me about Firehawk also. I was so happy when Rieks released the translation, I was finally able to understand the story, the ending is just great and unexpected. I uploaded the english intro video here. The translation is well worth the price and every Thexder/Firehawk fan should have it.

By LeandroCorreia

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02-08-2009, 23:06

Thexder is much more a memory game. Rules are simple:

- Know which enemies raise Energy and Energy Max.
- Know where secret items are.
- Try to finish the stages as quick as possible, or else the damned missiles will come and then it's GAME OVER.

By FiXato

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02-08-2009, 23:29

Looking at it now; pretty cool!
But why do you leave so many enemies unharmed in level 3? Is it because of time?
Also, could you add the videos to a playlist? Makes it easier to watch them all Smile

By LeandroCorreia

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03-08-2009, 03:13

@ FiXato - There are three Geishas in level 3 that give me a fair amount of Energy and Energy Max. However, if I destroy many enemies in level 3, I won't be able to reach the geishas and exit the level without running out of time (loads of homing missiles!). So I prefer to run as fast as I can, only destroying enemies that give me energy or energy max.

And about the playlist, here it is. Smile


By JohnHassink

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03-08-2009, 16:48

Thanks man!
Hope you will upload more of this great stuff in the future!

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