Looking some coder to convert Sabre Wulf to MSX.

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By Paulbrk

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14-07-2011, 23:15

Here you can see how can be on MSX:






(help me somebody, I cant get work [IMG]

As you can see on the images (when someone help me to show them) the main character maintain the soft sprite, but we put some hardwares sprites to add color, looks good :)

Sabre Wulf is a very good game, ¿Why Msx do not have it? at least is the Wikipedia said.

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By JohnHassink

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14-07-2011, 23:52

Paulbrk, do like:

[IMG]url of picture[/IMG]

EDIT: not working with your links indeed. Because it's https or something maybe Question

By Paulbrk

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14-07-2011, 23:54

I do it on the first image, but it do not work.

By syn

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15-07-2011, 00:20

some hosts prevent hotlinking/embedding

but anyway screenies look nice, I never heard of the original, youtube vids look promising Wink

By FiXato

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15-07-2011, 01:06

Problem indeed is with the forum software not recognising https:// as a valid URL format, and this strips the : from it, and prefixes it with http://


Workaround: change https to http

By hap

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15-07-2011, 01:19

yeah it's a good game (by Ultimate) =)
hmm, but why would a coder that wants to convert this game need you?

By Paulbrk

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15-07-2011, 08:32

Thanks @Fixato.

I need a coder because I am a graphic artist, the coder will convert the game and I will do the sprites for the main character.
This game has a lot of software sprites at once, look in the pictures 2 and 3, you will notice that 3 or 4 sprites are on the same line, you will only spend sprites on the main character, because MSX1 has 4 sprites on the same line.

Maybe if the game will be for MSX2, I will preffer to make on screen5, and the enemies are software sprites, only the main character is a hardware sprite.

You know, is a very good game, for 1984, you have to play on spectrum and see it.

By pitpan

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15-07-2011, 11:05

For MSX2 this could be it...

By Paulbrk

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15-07-2011, 12:06

Yeah @Pitpan, for MSX2 on screen5 can be very similar to the captures of your link, This game does not have a lot of graphics, can be fast to redraw on 16 colors.

It we use a hardware sprite for the main character and software sprite for the enemies, the game can be fast because only some enemies, no scroll, FMPAC music Smile

By MäSäXi

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15-07-2011, 15:09

Thank you Paul!! At least somebody appreciate´s same old games as me!! Big smile For years, I have imagined just the same as Paul, change software sprite of hero to hardware one. Smile Though, of course game can look even better if you give more colour in screen2, just like Paul has treated that red flower in second screenshot. Smile Sabre Wulf is a very good game, even better when you consider it´s age!!! It´s not just walking around jungle screens, you have to use your sabre as well, and and differently coloured flowers can start to bloom at any moment, and if you are near enough (or too near), what happens then, it depends on the colour of the flower.

yeah it's a good game (by Ultimate) =)
hmm, but why would a coder that wants to convert this game need you?

Maybe because MSX missed A LOT OF GOOD GAMES in the eighties. Other computers had them, MSX hadn´t. SadSadSadSadSad

Now it´s the time to enjoy them AT LAST on MSX!!!

It sounds like a very good reason in my ears. Smile

There´s nothing "msx1 is better than msx2", but I liked the original (and paul´s a bit improved) graphics better than that pc remake of sabre wulf.

I will be happy even for a straight spectrum port of this game, though I prefer PSGd sound. Smile

By Paulbrk

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15-07-2011, 15:21


"I have imagined just the same as Paul, change software sprite of hero to hardware one"

I mean to maintain the soft sprite and put hardware sprites on it Smile

White is from soft sprite, light yellow, dark yellow and light red are hardware sprites.

Here we have a big fan of Sabre Wulf Smile is there some other people?

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