Looking some coder to convert Sabre Wulf to MSX.

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By hap

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15-07-2011, 16:00

ask erm.. whatshisname, MSX developer from Brasil
--> Daniel Caetano: http://www.caetano.eng.br/main/index.php

By pitpan

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15-07-2011, 20:24

I'd go for Pssst! first. Or even Ultimate's Jet Pac.

By MäSäXi

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16-07-2011, 12:50

Pssst! is a good and fast arcade game, everything happening on just one screen. Cookie is almost the same game. Smile

Atic Atac is good one too. Bubble Bus´ MSX game wizard´s lair was a younger clone of Atic Atac, but I like Atic Atac more. Smile

And Underwurlde is more than worth of mentioning! Some kind of non-scrolling ancient SUPER version of super mario bros. Smile Look at that guys amazing ways of jumping!! He can also do things what Mario can´t!!! Just keep watching the video for a while but do not look too long, if you don´t want to see how to complete that game, as it is a walkthrough video. I am sorry for kind of comparing it to super mario bros, as this game puts such super mario bros to a shame!! Smile


Here´s same game without colour clash (c64)


But let´s say Sabre Wulf to be converted! ;) And then Underwurlde. ;););)

By Paulbrk

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18-07-2011, 00:04

Maybe Icon Games can be interested, I will write them.

By SLotman

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18-07-2011, 02:53

I'm reading here... and I do like the idea of doing one of those 256 color games on MSX, or even a version of them on scr5 for MSX2, but unfortunately, I can't.

I have my own projects - and even they are on hold right now, since I'm finishing up a PC/Mac game, negociating distribution contracts for it and so on...

I didn't had the time to even turn on my turbo-R in the last 3 months Sad

So, I'm sorry, but I can't take a project like this right now.

Edit: just a sample, an edit I made a loooong time ago:


This is how attic attack could look on MSX1. Unfortunately, I never draw all the rooms, never even attempt to code anything :(

By MäSäXi

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18-07-2011, 11:07


Wonderfully good looking screenshot you have made!!! :D There´s quite a difference to original Spectrum screen, even that MSX drawing just has painted walls and sprites. :) :D

By Paulbrk

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18-07-2011, 12:24

Thanks for your posting Slotman, you are very kind.

I like very much your picture of Attic Attack, much better than the speccy one.

Slotman, pleas continue with your work and later if you can, we can talk about make a speccy conversion, right?

By tonigalvez

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09-07-2016, 12:31

They do for Texas Instruments computer:

look this video.

By AxelStone

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09-07-2016, 14:20

pitpan wrote:

For MSX2 this could be it...

It should be great MSX2 version.

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