MSX-DOS 1/2 versions

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By Sky_hawk

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16-04-2012, 16:18

Who can help me figure this out:
- what is the last official msxdos1 and msxdos2 version?
- what later unofficial version exist and what new features do they provide?

So far I got:

MSX-DOS version 1.03 Copyright 1984 by TowerSoft, 2432 bytes, I see no benefits, maybe only the (c) msg changed ?
MSX-DOS 1.40 rev B Diciembre-4-1989 Modificado por Gustavo Mod. by Robert J.M. Vermeulen, 1-'90, 3712 Bytes, aside from the fact that it is larger, don't know any benfits.

COMMAND version 1.11 for MSX-DOS amended by Hal-F 07/30/85, 6656 Bytes
MSX DOS Version. 1.20 (C) Microsoft BIOS Compatible CP/M 2.2 and earlier, 7168 Bytes

I cant really make much sense of it, anyone?



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By RetroTechie

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17-04-2012, 09:56

For MSX-DOS1, I only use these 2 files:

MSXDOS.SYS    2432 bytes, 27-07-87   MD5sum: dadede17aaeb6852d83a33030027edb1
COMMAND.COM   6656 bytes, 31-12-83   MD5sum: 0f1e2f8a6dbafa06d04431dcc41b649d

Datestamps might be incorrect... reports as:

MSX-DOS version 1.03
Copyright 1984 by Microsoft

COMMAND version 1.11


COMMAND.COM includes a string "COMMAND version 1.11 for MSX-DOS amended by Hal-F 07/30/85", but I don't remember ever having seen that during normal use.

Got those 2 files way back in the past from official MSX-DOS disk as supplied with Philips MSX2 machines, and used countless times. Exact same files encountered on many disks received from others.

Maybe there's better / improved / bugfixed (?) versions out there. I don't care. What I have is known working. Even if there was a bug in there somewhere, it hasn't hit me in many years of use. So no way I'd swap that version for an 'improved' one for which I don't know what exact differences are. Besides, also have some MSX-DOS1 sources somewhere, so if I'd really want to, I could (too much work Hannibal ) compare with binary versions to see where there's differences.

For MSX-DOS2, AFAIK latest official one is 2.31, supplied with TurboR ? Later ones have additions like TAB completion, aliases, a few extra things to use in batch files etc, some commands I prefer to have in separate .COM files, maybe the odd bugfix (and probably new bugs introduced with the things added! Wink ). Things I don't care for much on MSX & which take extra memory. So I tend to stick to latest official version.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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17-04-2012, 12:41

MSXdos 2.4
not an "official" version though

features are described on the webpage
Made by BIFI so im guesssing its very OK

By SLotman

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17-04-2012, 21:52

It's all in Portuguese, but I think anyone can understand this page:

Several MSX-DOS (some even unknown to the general public!) versions, each with screenshots :)

By AlesteDX

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11-08-2013, 22:22


There is a version I got several years ago (on a original floppy of course) with a Canon external floppy drive. That version is msxdos.sys 1.02 and 1.10. This version is the older I'm aware of.

It exists a 1.00 version?


By AxelF

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12-08-2013, 14:01

Very Interesting topic
My newest version of DOS-1

COMMAND.C0M 	1.12	MD5:8351451492e4b42200306e263037a0fb
MSXDOS.SYS	1.8	MD5:66a516ea54a050ec62eb18e43986d7e3

By ray2day

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12-08-2013, 21:25

Intresting topic indeed. What are the last official releases / and what are the last and best unofficial releases?

By msxholder

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12-08-2013, 22:39

MSX dos Version 0.26 3072 bytes
Command com version 0.12 6144 bytes
No support for clockchip Rpc501

By cax

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13-08-2013, 14:00

I don't have a full list of additional functionality this Nike DOS had - the only thing I remember it was faster.

By max_iwamoto

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13-08-2013, 20:24

cax wrote:

I don't have a full list of additional functionality this Nike DOS had - the only thing I remember it was faster.

Over the years there was at least 4 versions of Nike DOS. I know for the fact that first 3 can only work with RAM in slot 3-2, because it's where Yamaha MSX2 computers had it. First version was made by Kim Rado, then added more options by Ted Chary and NSG. And then it was redesign deeply by Rst7, but I am still not sure if he was fixed it to work on any mapper. The version I have works only on Yamaha or any other MSX with RAM in slot 3-2, for example Philips NMS 8250. On Turbo-R it freezing. I tried to find newer version, but so far was unable to do it. And unfortunately I lost all my floppies when I moved to Canada.

By chpicolo

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29-09-2013, 02:06

There are a bunch of MSX-DOS hacks.
The only one that I trust as "official MSX-DOS 1" is the MSX-DOS version 1.03, Command version 1.1 (Copyright 1984 by Microsoft).
The reason for it, is that it cames on the "Tools Disk 3" of my HB-F1XV, a 1990 machine that I believe was one of the last MSX2+ computers before Turbo R...
I don't know about MSX-DOS 2. Never used it (yet).

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