MSX2 cartridge on disk (for example Vampire Killer) does not run on MSX2+ or TurboR

By spaceboy70

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20-09-2012, 23:43

I have tried to load Vampire Killer on disk on my TurboR (GT) but the graphics in the game is corrupt and the game crashes. Then I tried the correspondig dsk-file in BlueMSX and it runs fine on MSX2 but on MSX2+ and TurboR emulation graphics is corrupt and the game freezes. I have the original cartridge and it runs perfect on my TurboR. I guess there is some issue with memory slots in the disk version. Does anyone have a basic loader for the roms on disk that works on ALL MSX2 and above, not only MSX2?
Is the following universal poke not good for MSX2+ and TurboR systems?

By the way, I just found out something. When I run the game in BlueMSX MSX2 Japanese system, same error occurs. Now I think the problem is that the Vampire2 DSK that I downloaded does not work at all for Japanese BIOS. But if that is true, why does my MSX2 Vampire Killer cartridge run perfect on my TurboR?

Anyone has a solution to this?

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