Nextor: the whole story

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By Grauw

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16-07-2014, 13:42

Great story! And fascinating that you have the MSX-DOS 2.31 source code.

konamiman wrote:

And that's the full story, and also the reason why I will not publish the full source code of Nextor unless the original MSX-DOS source code is officially published some day.

Since you seem to have some inside contacts, or at least more than mere mortals like me… Would it be possible to ask permission for publishing it?

By Manuel

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16-07-2014, 16:34

konamiman - did you already fix the bugs I found and passed through via Guillian? ;-)

By Edevaldo

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13-02-2017, 05:49

Legaly, as there is no NDA in place and you were also not working for them at the time, their action is the legal equivalent to publishing the source code. But this does not void their copyright. They still own the code, the software and the rights to distribute it. Of course there are other concerns than legality alone.

But modifying the code and distributing an improved version may void their rights. It would be safer to distribute it under the form of a binary patch than Nextor... if this is a concern at all.

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