old 80s MSX demos

By 80_psu

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11-03-2005, 03:53

Hi there!

Many many years ago, when i was about 10 or 11 years old, my step-brother lent me some MSX 1 computer with about 30 kB of free RAM and a tapeplayer.

There was some nice demos there (on the tapes), probably created in the 80s (i've seen it in the early 90s).

The first of them started with some MSX intro, about minute long and contained some game + a kind of musical tool (i remember keyboard there)..

the second was a graphical demo which showed me abilities of MSX computer..

some of the screens were rendering pretty long, i remember that i was really amazed by that.

Anyone know what i'm writing about above?

If Yes, letme know if its possible to see it somehow! I would like to run it on some MSX emulator to remember the old days of my childhood.

Thx and cheers!


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By evulopah

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11-03-2005, 08:43

Didn't Philips made such a demo?? I also have seen a graphical demo that shows you the possibilities of MSX..

By MäSäXi

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13-03-2005, 14:03

Maybe this is not the one you mean, as if it really had a musical program which allowed one to play with keyboard or whatever another way.

I got sample tape with my new Toshiba HX-10 in ´87.

Tape itself was light grey coloured and there was same shiny silver coloured label attached on both sides, and label said:






MSX is a registered trademark of MICROSOFT CORPORATION

Let me see, what I can remember, I still have that dear tape, but I don´t have time to check it more carefully (i.e. load and watch as programs are LONG, not to load, but long to watch!).

I may remember wrongly the order of the programs (who caresTongue)

first was somekinda greeting text which told what you can actually DO with your new computer TOSHIBA HX-10 ie play games, use it as office work etc and I remember it told about printers etc stuff and of course it explained how to USE these five programs.

second was LONG graphics demo, which showed all 255 characters and drew really neat screen 2 graphics!!

third one showed audio stuff and played notes from one, two and atlast three channels and played nice little melodies. but it could be that this part was included in graphics demo program, as there was subroutine that showed how you can alter SIZE of your drawings with DRAW command and it drew giant letter "E"s while playing long CAN-CAN!

it had program which allowed you to train yourself to master in ten fingers typing, and this program drew keyboard in screen2. That´s why I believe it maybe could have been same program as you had. You had to press flashing key as fast as you could, and it gave you rating at the end of each game how successfull you had been! that was really fun!

And last program had calculating Game, which had BIG numbers in screen (they were magnified 16x16 sprites!) and that looked really cool!!!! in the beginning of each game you could either choose addition or multiply.

ps.. As younger I examined those BASIC programs and between lines there were REM statements which said those programs were made by KNIGHTS COMPUTERS in UK, when running the demos, there were nothing about their work, just TOSHIBA.

So, was this same tape?

And I like to know more about other companies demo tapes!