SD Snatcher on cartridge

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By Ivan

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14-10-2011, 16:59


Use Google Translate! (translation here).

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By Ivan

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15-10-2011, 01:25

Up! Smile


Paladin (864)

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15-10-2011, 21:01

Cool Wink

By Vampier

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15-10-2011, 22:35


By pitpan

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16-10-2011, 12:41

Now the question is obvious: can "Project Melancholia" be "uploaded" into this special cartridge? That would be great!

By Sarcasmic

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16-10-2011, 21:07

of course it can be uploaded if its gonna be MSX compatible Wink

By msd

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16-10-2011, 21:39

I guess it will not contain game data, but just a scc+ and ram.


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16-10-2011, 22:17

the point is: will "Project Melancholia" work in this chart?

By Sama

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16-10-2011, 22:21

If the original game works, Project Melancholia should work as well I guess Smile.

By max_iwamoto

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17-10-2011, 02:54

It should work, the only problem is that I don't understand how 3 game disks + 1 userdisk can fit into 2MB?

I tested it and it works with RunIt floppy emulator. Only one problem, when starting new game, it shows garbage on screen when entering player's name.


By FiXato

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17-10-2011, 03:08

Will Project Melancholia only include language patches, or also any speed optimisations for instance?

Btw, interesting topic for comparison of earlier attempts at retranslation: SD-Snatcher Retranslation

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