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By sd_snatcher

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05-07-2011, 18:21

I like this sprite management topic and all the discussions going on here and on the other similar threads.

It will be great if this turn into a full sprite-management library for coding MSX games, similar to what BARGAIN is for compressing images.

By jltursan

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05-07-2011, 18:52

I'm eager to see that MSX Wiki opened, the whole world is waiting anxiously...Wink

By Paulbrk

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06-07-2011, 21:38

Where is MSX Wiki? I like to see that Smile

By hit9918

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06-07-2011, 22:53

@Paulbrk, I would have some stuff to post about color flicker, and I got in mind this issue with the collection threads.

The color flicker topic maybe is a nice example,

MSX1 sprites thread
MSX1 scrolling thread
MSX2 sprites thread
MSX2 scrolling thread

where to talk it?

Maybe the "MSX1 scrolling" thread. Because MSX1 background is where color flicker most often was done. The topics are meant to be very rough categories, else you end up with dozens. Their names are the top 4 topics that permanently pop up.

Or maybe topics like color flicker would not go in these collection threads?
Well last time I played with the color flicker idea, it was about giving MSX2 sprites in screen 8 more colors.

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