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By Manuel

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22-08-2011, 18:54

Check out Core Dump for an example of efficient sprite-less game code.

By Hrothgar

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22-08-2011, 19:40

Indeed. But with the distinction that CoreDump uses a strict 8×8 px grid for background and sprites (excl. bullets); I believe the scroll of Nuts is more fine-grained. And of course CoreDump has a larger screen with much more action on it.


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23-08-2011, 11:27

I've seen the game.
Sprites on borders are used to reduce the width of the visible window on the screen and avoid to clip BOBs when they are plot partially outside the visible window.
About the scrolling, the game uses page flipping and a brute force copy with step of probably 4 pixels at time.
Nothng very sophisticated IMHO, but never the less, very effective.

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