Space Fiction of Violence

By MSX Resource Center

Paladin (1016)

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06-08-2003, 21:32

Where can I get this game?

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By snout

Ascended (15187)

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06-08-2003, 21:42

I don't think this game is freeware. Please read our policy. Since I don't know the game, I didn't lock the topic... yet :)

By mars2000you

Enlighted (6432)

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07-08-2003, 00:23

Indeed, this game is not freeware. It was released by Technosoft and is more known as D' or as Dixdaef.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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07-08-2003, 01:36

Sorry, I didn't read the rules. Btw, thx for the tip mars, i've found the game.