Stuck in snatcher for MSX

By grey_snake

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19-01-2010, 22:16

I have been playing games on blueMSX, and i am a big fan of Hideo Kojima games.
Right now i am playing Snatcher from 1988 on the msx and i am stuck.
I got the emergency call from junker hq about catherine, and i have been searching for here everywhere!
I have searched on internet for a walkthrough but only to find for sd-snatcher and scd version.
Anyone sitting on a walkthrough? Please help, so that i can sleep at night Tongue

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By Sonic_aka_T

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19-01-2010, 22:49

If I remember correctly FutureDisk 16 contains a story/walkthrough. The only thing I can't remember is if it's in Dutch or English. Just check the downloads section here and download FutureDisk 16... Good luck!

By lionelritchie

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20-01-2010, 00:13

she appears in gillian's house, taking a shower, naked, after you search enough.

By lionelritchie

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20-01-2010, 00:14

yeah, she is taking a shower NOT NAKED in the mega cd one.