Super Penguin?

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By Manuel

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10-03-2010, 19:36


Does someone know the Zemina game Super Penguin? It was discussed in MCCM 64 (IIRC), with this cover:,file=481

Also discussed here:,6701

The article says:
- not really a MegaROM, only 32kB
- game is a platform game like Super Boy series
- should work on MSX1...

These are all a bit strange, because the box says MSX2 and MegaROM...!

According to derboo:

The serial number strongly suggests that it (Super Penguin) was sold by SIECO (SI-, four numbers & a letter, same format as a SIECO Master System game I own).

The labels don't make complete sense, anyway, as it is advertised for Zemmix (which would mean MSX1) and MSX2. Maybe it meant that it ALSO runs on MSX2...

Art is stolen by Penguin Adventure, but that doesn't quite fit the description. I've seen the title before, but it was never more than a name in a catalogue.

Did someone buy it? It was in the Catalog of MSX Club Gouda.
Any info is welcome!

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By Vampier

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11-03-2010, 01:49

I loved how the Koreans just ripped other games.... I have no clue what this game is and this is the first time I hear/see about this.

By MäSäXi

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11-03-2010, 07:57

Manuel, your first link gives just "Linking to files in this forum is not allowed from outside the forum.".

Is that picture same "Super Penguin" box art what is shown in next link´s generation-msx forum´s thread?

There were very interesting looking screenshots in that thread!

Also "The Day" looks to be nice looking hacked (?) version of some later Nemesis series MSX game.

Other screenshots looked very nice too! Worth to watch! Smile

By cidra

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11-03-2010, 13:20


And it would be cooler to put my hands on it.

Just as well as that "Super Altered Beast" from Zemina.

And what about that alledged "Robocop for MSX 2" korean game?

Would those be easier to find than Palhada City?
Anyone up to the challenge?

By Manuel

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11-03-2010, 18:53

Yes, the link is to the Super Penguin box art image at the end of the thread. I'm just posting this here to call for more help Smile

By Manuel

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12-05-2013, 14:23

Here's the pic again of Super Penguin: see

By Manuel

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24-03-2014, 21:07

Has someone already encountered this game??

*Someone* uploaded a pic of its cart and box to GenMSX, so a copy must still exist somewhere:

By dink

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26-03-2014, 05:39

I want to play Super Penguin! Smile

By enribar

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28-01-2015, 14:57

This guy owns the Super Penguin, but it's sealed, so I doubt he'll open and dump it Sad

By mars2000you

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28-01-2015, 16:10

enribar wrote:

This guy owns the Super Penguin, but it's sealed, so I doubt he'll open and dump it Sad

He has also the very rare Daewoo Zemmix CPG-120 and will for sure not help the creators of emulators ...

By hap

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28-01-2015, 16:56

Surely you will find another source later, space !

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