Tetris 2 - Special Edition on Blue MSX

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By Grauw

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30-10-2014, 20:19

I think a plug-and-play cartridge, not needing a dongle anymore would be quite nice Smile.

By mau_rizio

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30-10-2014, 21:34

I want one Smile

By Manuel

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30-10-2014, 21:45

Manuel wrote:

There are screenshots on the Generation MSX entry of this game. I might make some video as well, but no promises from my side.

For those interested, here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRklREhJk94

By roadfighter

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31-10-2014, 10:47

MarkoC72 wrote:

After quite 20 years of silence on the MSX scene, we wish to realize the megarom version of T2SE

I would like one to and of course without the dongle Smile
I also have the original on disk, maybe there could be a "free shipping" for the ones who have the original ?
If provided some proof of course.
But please provide some idea of the cost, before i can say YES i want one.


By MicroTech

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31-10-2014, 17:26

@ Manuel: thanks for video, really appreciated Big smile

@ roadfighter: dongle is (obviously) no more necessary to run the game Wink
It would be nice to add some special feature if original dongle is inserted in joyport... but this is still speculation.
About free-shipping... sounds unlikely... but who can say.
First we need to have a precise evaluation of costs... but this depends on the number of people interested.
We are already managing to get this info, we will post here any news when available.

@ all the others: thanks for your support Cool

By gamemastermaarten

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01-11-2014, 15:37

@Manuel. Its an impressed game though. But an slowly loading. But I understand a little. Because old computers with a game with very graphic memory. need enormous load times I firmly believe that this game for the MSX Turbo R would be. Cool

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