Tunes of non-Japanese MSX 1 games

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By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5665)

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09-12-2004, 15:07

I saw a topic about the music of MASK III.

Which reminded me...
I liked the (intro-)tunes of this games a lot too:

* Astro Marine Corps (cool game, cool music)
* Cosmic Shock Absorber (the game is horrible, but the tune rocks)
* Storm (strange game, very nice music)

Anyone who remembers more? It's such a while ago...

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By Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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09-12-2004, 15:36

I always liked the intro tunes of Avenger and Titanic Smile

By viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

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09-12-2004, 16:37

Well, this is a cool topic! Smile

- The Light Corridor (Infogrames): it has 5 great PSG tunes! (best music ever!)
- Avenger (Gremlin): coolest main theme.
- Hostages (Infogrames): woah, a groovy tune for the ingame!
- Megaphoenix (Dinamic): great intro song.
- AMC (Dinamic): another cooool one.

And I think "Mystical (Infogrames)" had a great intro song too, but I can't remember that Smile... and "After Burner" and "Out Run" and "Altered Beast" had great ingame bgms... woa, there are a lot of them! Smile

By Alex Ganzeveld

Expert (89)

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09-12-2004, 16:42

My all time favorite still is the Kings Valley 2 endtune. Lot's of musical action in that one. And don't forget such masterpieces as the theme of Terramex and the theme of Dunkshot (the HAL basketballgame). Very catchy. Nemesis 2 also has some great music.

Although it's probably concidered blasfemy here, and I probably get banned for this: try using a .SID player like Sidplay 2. It emulates the sound chip of the C64 (which (I'm sorry to say) rocks!) and there are a lot of original gametunes available on the net. Many European MSX-titels are conversions (Mask III for instance) and the original tunes often sound better.

By wolf_

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09-12-2004, 16:58

well, judging the facts, no-one will deny that the SID is more advanced than the PSG .. but otoh, we have FM-Pac ^___^ .. gimme XAK TToG any day above SID music.. Smile

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5665)

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09-12-2004, 17:20

* Police Academy (think it's something classical though)
* The Apeman Strikes Again (diddo)
* Last Mission (nice drumbreak)

Was there an MSX version of Altered Beast? Cool. Or am I misreading something? Smile

By Vincent van Dam

Hero (513)

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09-12-2004, 18:03

What about Robocop and the first tune in Flash Gordon, those kick ass!

By evulopah

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09-12-2004, 18:33

As viejo_archivero already stated: very nice topic!!

And don't forget the incredible International Karate...

and I always liked Sweet Acorn...

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5665)

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09-12-2004, 18:44

Sweet Acorn indeed f*cking kicked ass, so did the music! Big smile

But it's Japanese, right? Smile

By Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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09-12-2004, 19:21

Yep, Taito Smile

By Manuel

Ascended (19301)

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09-12-2004, 20:18

To state the obvious:
- Feud
- Living Daylights
- Formula One Simulator
- Venom Strikes Back (oops, this is MASK III, the original topic! ;-)

Very good non-Japanese PSG music Smile

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