Wanderers from YS: simply impressive

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By Manuel

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13-09-2018, 10:35

The game runs at the same speed for any MSX2 or higher, like practically all games.

I'm not sure the game could be sped up a lot without losing the multilayer "scrolling" and graphical details.

By Grauw

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13-09-2018, 13:38

wyrdwad wrote:

I beg to differ! The MSX is capable of far better. Just look at games like Fire Hawk or Psycho World.

I know it's not fair to hold Falcom to those high standards, but their own future titles performed at much better speeds, like Dragon Slayer VI: The Legend of Heroes.

The difference is that Fire Hawk and Psycho World used screen 4 tile mode, so they sacrifice graphics fidelity for speed. And DS6 does much less advanced scrolling (no multilayer). Technically Ys III really is quite impressive. E.g. it does not only do scrolling + static parallax planes (like Akin), but also has a half-speed plane.

I do think given enough optimisation effort Ys III could probably run faster, after all the game speeds up when you turn on 7 MHz so that means the VDP isn’t fully utilised. However at the same time optimising for that is a really difficult programming problem because the VDP doesn’t generate an interrupt on command completion so you can’t just queue up the copy commands, meaning you gotta write code which runs really synchronous with the VDP so that the VDP never has to wait for the CPU and vice versa.

Very tricky and easily requires several fundamental engine rewrites to get it right, so it’d take a lot of time. My game (wip) for sure doesn’t do that, it would add a lot of complications to the code, but because it uses the scroll registers and is built to not require full VDP utilisation so far it’s alright and fits in 60 fps. But actually when I add tile animations I will somehow have to come up with something along those lines if I want to fully utilise the VDP’s capabilities and do more than just a couple at a time. I haven’t thought of a good solution to that problem yet.

wyrdwad wrote:

As I believe the game runs noticeably faster on systems with more RAM or a higher processing speed.

Higher processing speed, yes, more RAM, doubt it very much.

By JohnHassink

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13-09-2018, 15:06

Feiraco wrote:

I did notice that there is a 'rank' in the Ys3 status screen. It displayed "easy". Does that mean that it was/is possible to play this game at a certain difficulty?

Yes, when the game has just started and you arrive in the village and are asked to insert a disk to make a user disk:

you can modify the difficulty with SPACE and confirm with RETURN. There's normal, easy and hard.

By Feiraco

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13-09-2018, 23:17

Thanks John!
I used an emulator (bluemsx) so apparently I could skip this part.

So my idea was right that the game was too 'easy'...
Anyway, a fantastic game!

By Meits

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14-09-2018, 03:35

It probably escaped your attention because it doesn't make a difference if you're using an emulator Wink

By Feiraco

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14-09-2018, 08:55

haha, that's cheating anyway indeed! Smile
But wouldn't fighting the bosses be more difficult on a higher level?

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