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By pitpan

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28-10-2004, 09:32

You are right, the loader is a general loader, but it is patched to fit each ROM settings.

Would anyone tell me if it works?

By the way, I have been using OpenMSX 0.5 and it is the greatest tool for MSX development. Thanks to all the openMSX team for arriving to this state-of-the-art MSX emulator. (WAV support is now PERFECT).



Enlighted (5505)

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28-10-2004, 14:00

Wouldn't it be easier (and more thorough) to just test with a file of randomized data which you once loaded check whether its CRC (or even a simple 16-bit checksum) matches the one of the file you saved?

I think, this is pretty useless. If some byte fails to load correctly, then there is nothing to do exept to show something like, "Load error, please try again"

I would more like to see error correcting (at least as an option). This may sound big, heawy and hard, but it isn't like that. Here is one very light and easy way to do it:

Put the data to matrix (for example 16*16) and XOR each byte on each row and column and save that data with the matrix.

Now when you load, check that after loading a row, that each byte xorred with each other and check byte will make 0 as result. If this is not the case, check also columns. When you find a column where is the error, you know where the problem is. You can generate the missing byte by xorring each value on a row or in a column with each other.

Because the result should be same no matter, was row or column used, you should be able to correct also multi byte errors. (Think about reading MSX keyboard and you are quite a close)

Here is example of random data with checksums:

98 1B C4 93 BC 2F 5E F3 A3 78 D5 7F 2F 21 7D C5:2D 
07 7C A7 73 D3 D0 94 09 41 5E 2D 38 C5 22 44 6F:F7 
6F 7D F5 B0 1F 25 06 14 22 59 D0 90 F0 5C 37 FD:22 
7B 14 81 A5 F2 2F DC B0 BC 39 B4 D3 2E 3F 99 40:D0 
75 AA 98 4B FF C7 19 C7 42 FA 11 20 D7 0D 78 36:F7 
8A B3 16 76 F8 29 F0 5B E5 80 28 99 BB 68 87 AE:0D 
E0 EE 5C 94 C8 AF DD 13 1C 32 0F 59 B8 95 0D 84:B3 
95 6B D5 D3 02 4D DC C0 CF E0 95 74 1B 74 D7 F9:24 
C0 74 56 E8 1E C4 F4 22 96 B5 4C 7C 5B 63 CD 4A:AA 
29 A9 48 CF 01 7F DB 41 28 38 33 5C D8 92 6D B3:08 
B4 4B 04 2E FC 12 CC 81 6E B1 0F 0F AC 90 60 53:A6 
BF C0 3C 8B 99 F6 E2 10 8D BD AE B9 4A 0F 84 95:26 
9F 6D 1F 99 13 EB EA 3C 5A 2D AA 67 10 A2 C6 EF:7B 
C4 ED 9C 5F F8 DF 78 02 B2 B7 14 B6 2A 12 D8 35:C5 
14 81 55 F4 BD F4 7A 93 EF CF 9C E8 09 BB 22 11:41 
A0 DB FB D8 E4 94 1D 56 CB FD 19 16 6A 34 D1 44:91
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 
0C 1E 1B E7 87 F2 0C 18 99 C7 DA 29 C7 B5 1B 42 

... if you think 32 bytes extra for each 256 bytes is too much, you can use bigger tables, for example 32*32 (64 bytes extra/1024 bytes) or something like that.

> Would anyone tell me if it works?
Sorry, I'm tR user Smile

By cax

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03-04-2005, 18:17

So, will WAVeR v.3 see the daylight somewhen ?

I'm in doubt whether to continue the work on MicroWAVeR I stopped about 1.5 years ago.
If WAVeR v.3 will outperform it or at least will do the similar job - I will feel myself free from the need to continue.

In the meantime I created a mirror of my narod.ru site on nm.ru - I know, narod.ru is extremely slow, but I cannot move to the new place instantly - I have to be sure the new place is better.
Sorry, I cannot give exact links because of copyrighted contents.

By pitpan

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04-04-2005, 12:58

Hi! Yes, WAVeR v.3 is still under development. WYZ commented me that it could be improved by using the real time compression that microwaver used, but I haven't done any further research. Anyway, WAVeR will only support unmapped ROM files, nothing more, nothing else. The current real speed is close to 9000 bauds, much more when data compression (bitbuster) is used.
Including loader (at 2400 bauds), the longest and most uncompressible ROM, THE GOONIES, takes only 30 seconds. Other 32 KB ROMs, such as BURGER TIME, takes only 15 seconds. And it is pretty compatible!

Anyway, feel free to contact me so that we can share different points of view. I'm planning to release a trial later this month. I'm quite happy now with the reliability of WAVeR.

Kind regards,

Edward Robsy

By Tony Pappalardo

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28-03-2020, 17:01

Please ask the forum where I can find Waver v.3 nothing can be found.

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