What was the first MSX game you ever played?

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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23-02-2004, 12:07

I don't remember what the first MSX game was I ever played.
It was probably some taped game the I played on the MSX-1
of my uncle. (might have been Oh-Shit, actually; he *loved*
that game).

My own first MSX game was "Topologie Europa" - it came
with the MSX I bought...

By BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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23-02-2004, 12:10

Tape: 737 flightsim
Cart: Rollerball

By snout

Ascended (15184)

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23-02-2004, 12:26

Whoa, I had to think about this one for a while.... I think it was Hyper Sports 1 Wink

By dioniso

Champion (479)

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23-02-2004, 13:13


I remember the day my father came home with that strange computer and two games, in cassette. He placed the computer in the kitchen table with a tv and then we played the two games for a big part of that night. The games where PITFALL 2 and RIVER RAID (I think this is the origin of my obsession for getting these games in cartridge). After a week, my father came with a third one: JET SET WILLY 2.

Time after time games were coming home: GUN FRIGHT, H.E.R.O., ... and one day my first cartridge: NEMESIS! "Uauh!". The second one was METAL GEAL, "Uauh! Uauh! Uauh!", the best game ever IMHO for any computer/console -I have paid more than three times what I paid for that METAL GEAR at that time for the japanese version these days ...


It's interesting, most of the times I can't recall what happened to me in school, high school, university, ... but I can recall my MSX mementos perfectly. I ... think ... I'm ... going ... to ... Crying

Regards (I DO LOVE MY MSX).

By evulopah

Hero (665)

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23-02-2004, 13:37

Red lights of Amsterdam??? hehehe, nice title to begin with on MSX 2.

By Sousuke

Master (177)

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23-02-2004, 13:50

Hmmm... first game? I think it was Yabyum Tongue
Just kiddin' Wink

Can't remember exactly... Think it was Yie Ar Kung-Fu 1 or Monkey Academy.

By dioniso

Champion (479)

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23-02-2004, 14:01

Red lights of Amsterdam??? hehehe, nice title to begin with on MSX 2.

I know, I know. I really liked that game. It was desperating playing that game, you know ...

By Arom77

Resident (63)

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23-02-2004, 14:28

Yie ar kung fu 2 and SkyJaguar

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9857)

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23-02-2004, 14:43

Topple Zip !

By robertwilting

Champion (467)

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23-02-2004, 16:13

athletic land.

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