Which game(s) pushed the MSX to the limits?

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By Ivan

Ascended (9112)

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09-01-2007, 12:27


What????? A direct port from ZX Spectrum which is almost monochromatic???..........

By LeandroCorreia

Paladin (944)

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09-01-2007, 13:06

Red Zone, Life In The Fast Lane, Polar Star, Ale Hop, Super Laydock, I guess.

However, the first three games pushed the MSX to its limits, but did not achieve a good gameplay. Wink

By Maggoo

Paragon (1195)

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09-01-2007, 14:04

Space Manbow, Feedback, Herzorg. And to some extend, the Aleste / Zanac EX serie.

By Manuel

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09-01-2007, 15:58

Yeah, Aleste 2 is pretty over the top Smile
Maybe a game like The Light Corridor...?

By konamiman

Paragon (1039)

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10-01-2007, 09:12

Ah, Polar Star, great game and one of the first ones I played on my MSX. Why you say that it has no good gameplay? It is just a hard game, but perfectly playable! Smile

By pitpan

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10-01-2007, 09:34

And do not forget Malaika. We aren't very used to smooth horizontal scroll for MSX1, are we? Wink

By RobertVroemisse

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10-01-2007, 09:41

YS3! Rikusu once showed me the final battle (in fact, he did a complete walkthrough for me) and it was stunning. While fighting this huge boss the whole background was one big animation. IMPRESSIVE!

By AuroraMSX

Paragon (1901)

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12-01-2007, 22:12

Core Dump would have, definitely.

By foske

Resident (36)

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15-01-2007, 14:03

What about Aleste Special ? I always was very impressed by the high quality graphics and smooth scroll of that one....

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9767)

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15-01-2007, 16:58

The graphics were very decent yes, esp. the end bosses (console-quality!), but the rest is quite doable, performance-wise.

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