Backing up the (single sided) ANMA Limited Run Heritage collection floppies?

By olliraa

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04-01-2018, 14:22

Just realised that the games I tried are on 1 sided floppies... It seems I can back up the DD floppies ok Smile So, it's the one sided floppies, which give me problems...

I got meself a Christmas present Smile Now I'd want to make sure I won't loose any data, that's on those precious floppies. How can I backup those, preferably to image files with a Win10 PC? I tried the Disk manager, but it always throws an error on sector 9, when reading the floppy to an image? I have an old usb-floppy drive that has worked perfectly before (MSX floppies etc.). Do the ANMA games use some special format for anti-piracy?

Would this work with linux? Or should I just use the MSX? Big smile

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By Pencioner

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04-01-2018, 15:09

i don't know about special format protection if they have any, though, if you can use linux, and your floppy drive supports those DD signle sided ones, then it is as simple as running

sudo dd if=/dev/fd0 of=BACKUP.DSK bs=512 # this is for backup


sudo dd if=BACKUP of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 # for restoring

but if drive doesn't support that format then it will not work (most of modern drives don't though)

By olliraa

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04-01-2018, 16:36

OK, it seems that the floppy drive likes 720K floppies, but does not like 360K ones Sad Bugger. I guess I'll use Copy 360 and real MSX2 Smile

By wyrdwad

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04-01-2018, 17:09

Don't disk images exist online for each of these games anyway? Whether or not they should, they certainly do, as I remember finding out about Frantic and having no trouble downloading a copy of it long before the Anma Limited Run Heritage collection existed (and for the record, as soon as it was announced, I ordered not just one but TWO copies -- one for myself, and one for a friend in Japan). So you probably won't need to back up these games, since viable backups already exist and can just be downloaded for posterity.

...Though to be honest, the game is more likely to survive on the floppies than it is on your hard drive. People don't give floppy disks enough credit -- as long as you take care of them and store them properly, the data on them will last practically your entire lifetime. Whereas data on a hard drive MUST be accessed at least every couple years or else it's at risk for getting bit-flipped and basically ruined. And even data on a CD or DVD is potentially more at risk of degradation over time.

There's a reason you can still buy MSX disk games from the '80s and they'll usually still play just fine, after all, and it's because floppy disks are surprisingly reliable and largely future-proof, even if they are a bit more physically delicate than other media types.



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04-01-2018, 17:19

olliraa wrote:

I tried the Disk manager, but it always throws an error on sector 9, when reading the floppy to an image?

Indeed.. Double sided floppies have 9 sectors, 2 heads and 80 tracks... So after reading sectors 0-8 from side 0, track 0 the logical sectors 9-17 are actually sectors 0-8 on the side 1, track 0. Logical sectors 18-25 are sectors 0-8 on side 0, track 1 and so on... Solution: After reading each 9 sectors, jump over next 9 sectors and repeat this until you get to logical sector 1440. This way you get 100% fine single side dump of the disk.

Next you probably want to ask what software to use... but unfortunately I don't have any good ideas.

By Manuel

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04-01-2018, 19:25

If there is a copy protection, you can use READ-DMK or DMK Creator.
You can also use DSK-PRO to dump the single sided disk on MSX. That should work.

And on Linux it will work to, but for single sided disks, you have to use a special device node, as is explained here:

By stompetower

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04-01-2018, 20:05

There is no copy protection on the disks (on the originals, there was however).
A normal PC does not support 1DD (360kB) disks, so they cannot be read with a Windows PC.

If you have a real MSX with 2 drives, you can simply copy the files to a 720kB formatted disk, like: COPY A:*.* B:
If you have a real MSX with 1 drive, I think you can use DSK-PRO. It can create an image of the source disk (360KB) and write it to the destination disk (720kB formatted disk) as a .DSK file. Windows accepts this 720KB disk and you can read the .DSK file.

By olliraa

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05-01-2018, 07:43

Ok, thanks for the feedback Smile I'll go with the DSK-PRO Cool

By Manuel

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05-01-2018, 08:09

My pc which still has an FDD accepts single sided disks fine, as I explained before....