Best spreadsheet for MSX2?

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By Manuel

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03-10-2018, 23:57

I think it was only included with the Philips NMS 8245.

By T.R.

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04-10-2018, 00:41

I'm pretty sure I had an original Ease disk that came with my VG8235/20.


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04-10-2018, 01:12

I've newer needed one for MSX, but I remember I have spreadsheet on cassette from Kuma and also CalcStar was pretty popular on CP/M (although I'm not sure it is actual spreadsheet)

By AxelStone

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04-10-2018, 22:01

Hi guys, finally I'm using the one included in Home Office 2, I've located a valid image. It's very powerful, so it has all I need.

Thanks Wink

By Manuel

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04-10-2018, 23:29

Does someone have more info about this spreadsheet:

By erpirao

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04-10-2018, 23:45

I am struck by the fact that there are no videos on youtube from the home office of philips or the dynamic publisher, does anyone dare?

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