### BOMB - BOMB - BOMB ### -> DSK-PRO 11.5 was unleashed!

By cbsfox

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26-07-2017, 19:35

Yes, you are right! DSK-PRO can not be better... BUT luckily we are all wrong!!!

DSK-PRO 11.5 was unleashed with new high military technology imported from DMK Creator. Be prepared for the future!!!


1 - New decoding technology imported from DMK Creator. Now it identifies more protections and in a faster way.
2 - Long time bug found and fixed. Some copies were freezing when trying to save the data into the destination disk.
3 - Even faster and more accurate in hardcopy mode.
4 - Minor bugs fixed.
5 - Rom version included.

Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpEtfGjLbhmky4lHf4ApIWv6K-6

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By Samor

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26-07-2017, 22:55

By hamlet

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26-07-2017, 23:57

That saved my day!