Bomber Battle game (MSX 1) release date

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By Amaury Carvalho

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13-08-2021, 17:12

Bomber Battle is a clone inspired by a well-known and loved 1983 game whose beginnings took place on the MSX platform, and has since spread around the world in numerous versions. In this incarnation, the gameplay is all geared towards two players in battle mode, implementing its own sets of game rules while keeping MSX 1 compatibility.

This new game was coded entirely in MSX Basic (~730 lines of code) and compiled with MSXBAS2ROM, thus its both a demonstration of MSXBAS2ROM today capabilities and a reward to be released to supporters of the project.

Bomber Battle release scheduled for August 15th, 2021, so rush to get your digital copy! ;)

Watch a pre release video clicking here

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By Grauw

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13-08-2021, 18:45

Nice! I like the graphics, and it runs super quick too!

The PSG also plays without interruption, unlike it does in regular MSX-BASIC Smile.

The msxbas2rom tool is something I wished I had in the 90s. Basic-kun and MCBC and such were good, but this seems to be much more powerful.

By Amaury Carvalho

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15-08-2021, 14:58

Bomber Battle was released today!

Thanks to all of you that gave your support to our project on Patreon and Catarse.

Your support is very important to us so we can acquire new resources (msx related hardware) to help us to speed up our coding process on implementing new functionalities and testing bug fixes.

By enribar

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15-08-2021, 15:06

This is one of the most important projects in the MSX history, a MSX-Basic (cross)compiler!
I'd like to buy the digital copy, too, but sorry I don't like monthly subscriptions.

By Amaury Carvalho

Resident (41)

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16-08-2021, 00:38

Hi, enribar! First of all, thanks for your feedback!

Writing games to compile with MSXBAS2ROM is an important part of my development cycle for this project.

While compiling and testing this games, many bugs are found and fixed as well as new commands and functions are implemented.

Subscribing to support MSXBAS2ROM enable you to receive this new games at first hand (watch here a demo of the next game in development), and get information about how this games was made, news about the project, changes implemented at each MSXBAS2ROM version released and so on.

However, don't be disappointed about it. I have plans to release Bomber Battle in near future as a standalone buyable digital download, just like Catspots and Entombed games (both compiled with MSXBAS2ROM).

By PingPong

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16-08-2021, 17:34

this project is awesome!
Please focus on the compiler, we had waited a lot to have a decent basic compiler, sure xbasic was fun but there were some limitations, like the iterpreter dependence or reduced size.
would be nice to expand the grammar to allow more modern basic constructs like no line numbers, labels, or procedures!

By Amaury Carvalho

Resident (41)

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15-10-2021, 16:18

Bomber Battle available to download today!

Written in MSX BASIC (~730 lines of code) and compiled with MSXBAS2ROM (as a demonstration of the compiler capabilities), this is a MSX 1 compatible game. Donate to this game and you will help us to support our MSX Basic compiler project!

By foody

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16-10-2021, 08:42


- forms a rally with large signs -


By gdx

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16-10-2021, 13:52

Enemies are much less sensitive to explosions than the player but nice result. It's hard to clear the stage.

By ATroubleshooter

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21-05-2022, 14:34

Msxbas2rom is a freakin' neat tool, really! Thanks

By msx45

Supporter (11)

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16-10-2022, 13:21

Hello ,
do you think it's possible to adapt this game for 4 players (humans) with NINJA TAP ?

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